A Primatologist at The Washington Post

Snowflake, the only known albino western lowland gorilla, as seen in the Barcelona Zoo. Died in 2003.

by James C. Sherlock

And they wonder why they are hated by people outside the bubble.

A story by Stephanie McCrummen in The Washington Post, “In rural Georgia, an unlikely rebel against Trumpism,” comes across as an attempt at Hillbilly Elegy as written by a primatologist.

Primatologists study primates in order to understand their evolution and behavior.

The Post, having returned Ms. McCrummen from assignment covering East and Central Africa, sends her this time to the wilds of the South to examine the animals.

To northwest Georgia. Marjorie Taylor-Greene’s district.

She found, in his native habitat!, a 33-year-old white! veteran electrician (he has a beard! And a brutal father! Left home at 15!) who voted against! Donald Trump, Ms. Greene and Herschel Walker.

She examines him as if he has three arms and describes the local landscape with as much amazement as if it was the dark side of Mars. Green Hills of Africa without Hemingway’s talent.

It is “long form” for your reading pleasure. Condescension drips from every paragraph.

The natives are presumed too ignorant to understand.

Probably don’t even read the Post.