Marking Five Years: My Most Read Posts

by Steve Haner

With the end of April, five years have passed since Jim Bacon gave me a password for Bacon’s Rebellion and the semi-honorary title of contributing editor, probably no longer applicable.  Subscribers numbered one-sixth of what they are now, but it has been clear  from the beginning that some of the state’s political leadership followed the blog.

Here are ten headlines of mine (out of 650, including my posts of guest contributors) that have reached into the top 200 or so Rebellion posts of all time, in order of total page views recorded on the administration page:

Here are two more with decent counts I’d like to link to, because time has shown them to be prescient:

Many of those were stories either ignored by the state’s mainstream media and new digital outlets or they caused those outlets to then write on the same issue (versions that were acceptable to the censors controlling the flow of information on various “news” compilation feeds.) Some stories are still being ignored, such as Richmond’s early-stage effort to kill its natural gas utility.

Bacon’s loyal readers often got the word first. Thank you for reading.