Virginia Voters on Trump and Statues

A problem for Gillespie

Go figure. Virginia voters give president Trump low approval ratings, yet a majority favors leaving Civil War statues in place — a policy that Trump has vocally and publicly endorsed.

Trump’s approval rating among likely Virginia voters stands at 35%, according to a survey by the Wason Center for Public Policy at Christopher Newport University released today. Antipathy toward the president is almost unanimous (96%) among Democrats. Republicans are ambivalent, with 75% approving of the president’s job and 16% disapproving.

A problem for Ralph Northam

Conversely, 54% of voters say they oppose removing Civil War statues from public spaces, while 36% support removal. Republican candidate for governor Ed Gillespie says he favors keeping the statues while adding historical context, while Democratic candidate Ralph Northam says he prefers moving the statues to museums.

In divining the impact of Trump and the statue controversy on the gubernatorial race, Wason Center Director Quentin Kidd observed in a press release, “Gillespie appears to have a Donald Trump problem, but Northam may have a Robert E. Lee problem.”

Forty-seven percent of voters favor Northam, compared to 41% who prefer Gillespie and 4% who stand with Libertarian Party candidate Cliff Hyra.

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(comments below)


2 responses to “Virginia Voters on Trump and Statues”

  1. ijustwantedtoknow Avatar

    IS IT THE DISAPPROVAL OF TRUMP–or the disapproval of the republicans that refuse to work with him to accomplish anything the republicans kept promising us
    —-how do the republicans expect to be kept in office by the voters when they watch the clowns in action doing nothing
    —-how many people expected them to work with trump even as all of the professional politicians were rejected?
    —-a lot of people think that the republican party is punishing the AMERICAN PEOPLE for voting for a outsider.
    —-I for one am fed up with the bunch of them & is looking for ” MORE ” outsiders to replace the ‘ RINO ‘—I agree with draining the swamp,– republicans included– I for 1 think it’s time for term limits to get rid of those professional politicians who think they are that special & can’t be replaced
    or we should have been

  2. LarrytheG Avatar

    Well.. I would not call 75% GOP support for Trump .. “ambivalent”.. that sounds pretty darn strong to me….

    and to what ijustwantedtoknow is saying.. if 75% of GOP voters support Trump then why isn’t Gillespie running overtly with Trump?

    Is Trump going to campaign in Virginia for Gillespie?

    Should the election for GOV in Virginia be about aligning with Trump or not?

    My take on the GOP these days is that they are even more spineless and hypocritical about their positions and who they align themselves with.

    For instance, with health care – most GOP in their heart of hearts do not believe the Fed GOvt should be doing health care…

    The latest attempt – is by far them most truthful of the proposals.. i.e. devolve it to the States…

    Is that what Gillespie supports? that Virginia should take over the MediAid program itself?

    But I do wonder – if Trump has 30-40% support …and Congress ends up getting elected with 30-40% Trump supporters… how do you get legislation through if you reject both Dems and establishment GOP?

    Do you go after the other GOP that is not on board with the TRumpsters? – “primary” them and replace them with Trump loyalists?

    How many GOP in Virginia would run as openly Trump loyalists?

    1st District. Robert Wittman. R
    2nd District. Scott Taylor. R
    3rd District. Robert “Bobby” Scott. D
    4th District. Donald McEachin. D
    5th District. Thomas Garrett. R
    6th District. Bob Goodlatte. R
    7th District. David “Dave” Brat. R
    8th District. Donald Byer D
    9th District Morgan Griffith R
    10th District Barbara Comstock R
    11th District Gerald Connolly D

    no matter which side of the aisle each of us aligns with – this is a momentous period in our history.. We’re questioning the role of government, our two party system and how our elections are working.

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