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Charlottesville, Its Public Schools and UVa – Part Two – Black Students

by James C. Sherlock What drew me to this story is the fact that Black students in Charlottesville City Schools (CCS) have suffered to a degree unequaled elsewhere in the Commonwealth. Keeping in mind the domination of Charlottesville and its … Continue reading

Child and Adolescent Mental Health and Virginia Public Schools – Big Complications and Major Changes

by James C. Sherlock Rebecca Aman, a member of the Newport News School Board, is frustrated. She told me in an interview that: Without sufficient discipline and access to clinical mental health services, behavioral intervention does not work to make … Continue reading

Authority of Virginia Principals to Keep Schools Safe is Dangerously Undermined

by James C. Sherlock At St. Anthony school when I was a student, Sister Mary Adria was the final decision authority. The only one, really. Sister Adria was the principal. There was no division staff, for the simple reason that … Continue reading

No Grades, No Discipline, No Structure, No Learning

by James A. Bacon Albemarle High School opened the 2021-22 school year in a state of chaos after a year of COVID closings, and it never recovered, according to The Crozet Gazette. To ease students back into the rigors of … Continue reading

Virginia’s Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) for School Discipline – How is it Going?

by James C. Sherlock The means that Virginia has chosen to maintain classroom discipline, called Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS), is controversial. That controversy exists within the federal Department of Education (DOEd). That organization’s Office of Civil Rights (OCR) … Continue reading

Anarchy Visits Another School

by James A. Bacon Teachers don’t feel safe in Albemarle High School, reports The Daily Progress. Within one recent week, a student punched a teacher in the face so hard he (or she) required medical treatment, while another student issued … Continue reading

When There Are No Consequences for Bad Behavior, the Consequence Is Bad Behavior

by James A. Bacon At some public schools across the state last year, educators relaxed standards for everything from classroom attendance to cell phone usage out of a sense that children who had spent a year doing remote learning needed … Continue reading

There Is a God and He Has a Sense of Humor

by James C. Sherlock The Left won control of government in the most recent elections nationally and in Virginia. Elections indeed have consequences. The focus on race instead of class by the newly victorious left will have major consequences here. … Continue reading

General Assembly Education Bills – What is Missing?

by James C. Sherlock This is one of a series of regular a weekly updates on bills in the 2021 General Assembly that will affect education. I will discuss some the newly filed education bills tomorrow. After that, health care … Continue reading

The Race Industry Can Never Declare Victory

by James C. Sherlock I read an op-ed by Scott Johnston this morning in the Wall Street Journal: “Revolution Consumes New York’s Elite Dalton School.” The subtitle was “Teachers of $54,000 Zoom classes demand a lowering of standards and hiring of … Continue reading

133 Virginia Petri Dishes for Back-to-School Policies

by James A. Bacon Virginia’s 133 school districts are conducting what amounts to an unprecedented experiment on the efficacy of online learning in K-12 education. Spooked by COVID-19, local school boards are stampeding toward the emergency exits — hundreds of … Continue reading