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Bacon's Rebellion
Jim Bacon

Jim Bacon publishes the Bacon's Rebellion web site and authors the column by the same name. A Wahoo by education (class of '75) and Southerner by inclination, he has spent virtually his entire adult life in the Old Dominion. Though far from perfect, Virginia, in his opinion, is the greatest place in the universe. Read profile.
Koelemay's Kosmos
Doug Koelemay

Doug Koelemay is managing director at Qorvis Communications, LLC, the largest independently-owned investor relations, media relations, government relations and marketing firm in Northern Virginia.
Read profile.

The Shape of the Future

E M Risse

Ed Risse, the principal of SYNERGY/Planning Inc., is a regional planner. He teaches and practices both urbanside planning and countryside planning within a regional context. The author of The Shape of the Future and Handbook for a Viable Future, he advocates a "third way" between business-as -usual and growth control. His column focuses on land use and transportation issues. Read profile.



Jefferson Journal
Michael Thompson, Chris Braunlich, Leonard Gilroy

Michael Thompson is the Chairman and President of the Thomas Jefferson Institute for Public Policy, Virginiaís premier non-partisan public policy foundation.  Read profile.



Nice & Curious Questions

by Edwin S. Clay III and Patricia Bangs


The Fairfax County Public Library team dedicates itself to illuminating the obscure, the idiosyncratic and the off beat in Virginia. Read profile.



One Man's Trash

Norman Leahy


Vice president for public affairs at Tertium Quids, a conservative, nonprofit advocacy organization, Leahy publishes the Tertium Quids blog in addition to contributing to Bacon's Rebellion. Read profile.



Gooze Views

Peter Galuszka

Peter Galuszka, a free-lance writer and researcher, lives in Chesterfield County. He is a regular contributor to Bacon's Rebellion's "Road to Ruin" coverage of transportation and land use issues. Read profile.



Deo Vindice
James Atticus Bowden

James Bowden, a West Point graduate and futurist for the Defense Department, lives in Poquoson. He is active in local Republican Party politics. Read profile.



Virginia Club for Growth
Phillip Rodokanakis

Phillip Rodokanakis, a Certified Fraud Examiner, lives in Oak Hill. He is the managing partner of U.S. Data Forensics, LLC, and president of the Virginia Club for Growth. Read profile.



South of the James
Conaway Haskins

A political independent, Conaway Haskins is an executive with a not-for-profit community-development organization in Petersburg. Read profile.



Patrick McSweeney


Patrick M. McSweeney, a partner in McSweeney & Crump, practices law in the city of Richmond. He has been active in Republican party politics for more than 30 years. Read profile.



Reality Check
Steve Haner

Steve Haner, a former newspaper writer, GOP operative and lobbyist for the Virginia Chamber of Commerce, lives in Chesterfield County and runs his own lobbying firm. Read profile.



No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

Barnie Day


A former Democratic Party representative to the House of Delegates, Barnie Day spins out political commentary from his vantage point on a small farm in the Meadows of Dan. His work is published in the Roanoke Times, the Daily Press and Bacon's Rebellion. Read profile.


Virginia Pundit Watch

Will Vehrs


Will Vehrs has a degree in American history from the College of William and Mary and an MBA from Chapman University. His experience includes a stint with a Fortune 500 company and economic development work in state government. His "Punditwatch" column appears on FoxNews.com and Jewish World Review, as well as on his own Punditwatch website. Read profile.



Blue Dog Tales
Steven Sisson

Steven Sisson is a fiscally conservative, Mountain-Valley Democrat, party activist, columnist and serious amateur genealogist. His work is published in the August Free PressRead profile.



Rebel with a Cause

Paul Goldman


Paul Goldman, the Rebel With a Cause, was chief political strategist for the past two winning Democratic governors in Virginia. A political consultant, he writes a regular column on Virginia politics, Rebel with a Cause, and blasts out supplementary e-mail epistles as the spirit moves him. Back Columns.


Virginia Viewpoint
John Taylor

John Taylor is president of the Virginia Institute for Public Policy, a free-market, public-policy research organization headquartered in Potomac Falls. He publishes periodic commentaries, written by various authors under the auspices of the Institute, for distribution throughout Virginia.  Read profile.



Everything Is on the Table
Fred Williamson, Joanna Hanks

Hanks and Williamson are, respectively, former Executive Vice President of J. Sargeant Reynolds Community College and Deputy Secretary of Technology, as well as principals in the management consulting firm, Hanks-Williamson & Associates. Read profile.

Lief's Law
Joshua N. Lief

Josh Lief, a former Secretary of Commerce and Trade under the Gilmore administration, is an attorney with Sands Anderson. His column focuses on economic development and the administration of state government. Read profile.
Approaching the Green
Cynthia Bailey

A former environmental attorney for the Fort James Corp., Cynthia V. Bailey is active in Democratic Party politics. Her column focuses on environmental issues.
Read profile.

Daniel K. Slone

Dan Slone is the co-team leader for McGuire Woods' Environmental Solutions practice area and vice chairman of the Real Estate and Environmental Department. He writes and speaks extensively about sustainable development. Read profile.

Inside the Sausage Factory
Ashley Taylor

A former deputy attorney general under Mark Earley, Ashley Taylor is an attorney with Troutman Sanders. He has been active in Republican Party politics. His column provides an inside look at the grisly process of creating legislation in Virginia's General Assembly. Read profile.

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