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Peter Galuszka


Peter Galuszka is a veteran journalist with more than three decades experience. His credentials include stints as Moscow Bureau Chief and International News Editor in New York for BusinessWeek, and Executive Editor of Virginia Business magazine.


Galuszka grew up in North Carolina, the Washington, D.C., area, and West Virginia. He graduated from Georgetown Preparatory School outside Washington and earned a degree in political science/international relations at Tufts University near Boston.


He started journalism at a small daily in Eastern North Carolina. His professional background includes work in Washington, Cleveland and Chicago for McGraw-Hill. Closer to home, Galuszka has worked as a reporter for The Virginian-Pilot and the Richmond Times-Dispatch, where jobs included environmental reporting and investigative journalism.


Galuszka writes for Bacon's Rebellion as well as a number of national finance, business and education magazines. He also runs Galuszka Associates, which does competitive intelligence.


He is married with two daughters.




September 8: The Numerati. In the land of the mathematically challenged, the "numerati" rule as kings. These inscrutable geniuses massage the data that drives business decisions -- and, increasingly, determines who wins elections.


August 25: 10 Annoying Things About Virginia. Sure, we're smart and prosperous, but some things still turn my crank.


August 4: The Netherworld of FDA Regulation. Getting the agency to oversee tobacco is creating strange bedfellows and will end up keeping the status quo Ė letting thousands more die.


July 21: My Lunch with Big Oil. Mr. Big Oil spilled the beans: Offshore oil drilling means bupkis for Virginia. He ginned up the flap here in the Old Dominion to win support for opening up California, Alaska and the Gulf where the big barrels are.


June 23: Richmond vs. Charlotte: an Update. Charlotte, N.C., snarfed up Richmond's big commercial banks in the early '90s, a coup at the time. Fifteen years later, the sub-prime fiasco is pinching Richmond, but it's putting the Tarheels in a world of hurt.


June 2: VCU and the Evil Weed. VCU President Eugene Trani blew Richmondís reputation by going along with a noxious Philip Morris research contract.


May 19: The Weird World of Massey Energy. Controversial, Richmond-based coal firm enjoys energy boom times while wielding political clout and beating back critics with an in-your-face style .


May 5: Mountain Women Die Younger. A national study shows females in poor areas like Radford and Pulaski have diminished life expectancies. Poor diet and lack of insurance are likely culprits.  


April 21: The Kaine Mutiny. Is Dominionís coal-fired plant destroying the Governorís political future?


April 7: Creating a New Segregation. When Richmond combined Jim Crow with urban planning in the 1940s, the result was expressways, the destruction of African-American neighborhoods and white flight.


March 24: The War Bill Comes Due. The hidden costs of the Iraq war are a bigger economic debacle than the sub-prime mess.


February 25: The Big Lie? Headlines tie immigrants to sex crimes as politicians like GOP gubernatorial hopeful McDonnell cash in on the xenophobia they stir up.


February 11: Call for Philip Morris. Richmondís elite lauds the cigarette maker for putting its R&D center downtown. But its newly s pun-off sister unit still aims to make butts the old-fashioned way, endangering the lives of millions around the world.


January 5: Strife in the Coalfields. Dominionís plans to build a coal-fired plant stir worries about greenhouse gases, ozone, smog, dirty coal trucks and mountaintop removal.


- 2007 -


December 27: Rethinking North Anna. Sure, Dominionís third nuclear unit would have a small carbon footprint and be politically correct. But there are plenty of unanswered questions, from safety, to unproven new technologies, to cost, to fuel. 


December 10: Forget Passenger Rail. Norfolk Southern's CEO provides clarity regarding the high cost of infrastructure and the lack of political will to pay for it. So much for the dreamy-eyed fantasies of those pricey consultants.  


November 26: The Invisible Working Class. Blogger Bageant reveals the bleak prospects for Virginiaís working class, using Winchester as his laboratory. Why donít elites care?


November 12: The 70 percent solution. Virginians look to local government for solid data on issues like illegal immigration. But there is no evidence supporting Chesterfield County's estimate that seven of 10 Hispanics in the county are there illegally.


October 29: Alternate Universe. There's one world that participates in a globally connected economy. Then there's Virginia, which is making a name for itself as a hotbed of nativism.


October 15: Plato's Cave. Some may rejoice at the decline of the "Mainstream Media" but cuts in news staffs threaten to leave us ill informed about what's happening around the world. No number of blogs can make up for it.


October 1: Virginia is for Gulags. A plan for a special prison for illegal aliens is jolting. Is it really needed, or is its purpose to draw attention from GOP failures?






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