A Win! Va. Ed Dept Removes “Virginia Math Pathways Initiative”

by Asra Q. Nomani

Yes, Virginia, there is critical race theory in the state. Read our examples at Parents Defending Education. There were 20. Now, there are 19.

In their first week in office, Jillian Balow, the new Virginia superintendent of schools, and Elizabeth Schultz, the new Virginia assistant superintendent, have eliminated the Virginia Department of Education’s controversial “Virginia Math Pathways Initiative” that was set to eliminate accelerated math options for students.

The initiative outraged many parents for dumbing down math in the state and reducing advanced math courses for students prior to 11th grade, essentially blocking advanced learners from from moving forward in earlier grades.

At Parents Defending Education, where we confirmed the development with a screenshot of the announcement, we have moved from 20 examples of the divisive ideology of critical race theory being expressed in Virginia schools to 19 examples.

New Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin took office, Saturday, Jan. 15, 2022, on the mandate that he would return high standards to education in Virginia, rather than focusing on the “social justice” agenda of critical race theory, which too often eliminates advanced learning in the name of “equity.” In Executive Order 1, Youngkin said he would eliminate indoctrination in schools and promote excellence in education.

On Monday, Jan. 24, 2022, when visitors to the Virginia Department of Education go to the website link that the Northam administration had created for the “Virginia Math Pathways Initiative,” they are now greeted with a message that flashes quickly, saying:

The Virginia Department of Education has ended the Virginia Math Pathways Initiative (VMPI) project. Please see the Mathematics Instruction page, if your browser does not refresh.

The news will be a welcome development as parents around the state face stubborn school boards and superintendents who are fighting Executive Order No. 1 to give parents choice over whether their children wear masks to school or not.

Asra Nomani is the Vice President for Strategy and Investigations at Parents Defending Education. This column is republished with permission from her Substack newsletter, Asra Investigates.