Living the Good Life… for a Week

This is the view this morning from our beach cottage in Emerald Isle, N.C. The weather is beautiful. I’m guessing that my blogging will be spotty this week, but I will check in sporadically.

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One response to “Living the Good Life… for a Week

  1. so would you rent a place that did not have internet?

    and if your place does have internet – what are the chances that you’ll not be online in between your other “activities”?

    We rent cabins also – with others… and even though we spend quite a bit of time doing “activities”… the days of being “offline” are long gone…

    Went to a campfire a while ago with folks in their chairs in a circle around the campfire… just like many others over the years .. except.. now… the faces of the folks are illuminated. by their phones… and yes.. they are posting the campfire gathering to their Facebooks….

    Even on week-long canoe camping trips.. the phones are present though much less used… primarily to check the weather map, etc…

    signed up with a group of friends to go 8 days on the Grand Canyon and yes..the discussion is about whether to bring a phone or not….

    Friends just went to Iceland… and every day – we got to share their trip! No like being there… but way more interesting that the old way of waiting for the 3 hour slide show.. you could not escape from!

    have fun… don’t behave.. not good to behave all the time…


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