“Unite the Right” Revisited?

Scene from the aftermath of the Unite the 2017 Right rally in Charlottesville.

By Peter Galuszka

Think” of it as “Unite the Right 2.0.” Thousands of protesters from Virginia and beyond the state will be converging on Richmond, many packing heat, to support “Second Amendment Sanctuaries,” which are cities or counties that refuse any law passed by the Democratically controlled General Assembly to pass any law that in any way infringes on firearm rights.

This brings back memories of the violent 2017 demonstration in Charlottesville over removing Confederate memorials that ended up with the deaths of three people and the injuries of scores of others. Charlottesville overnight morphed into the ugly icon of the Trump who incredibly found equivalency between white supremacists and people who protested against them.

The Virginia Civil Defense League, a pro-gun group, has put together a complex organization for the event with chartered business leaving such as places as Abingdon for the reasonable price of about $30.

In Charlottesville in images that were circulated worldwide tough looking men in camouflaged that give Virginia a black eye as fascist, white power police state. Charlottesville and the state prepared badly for the travesty. There were no body checks, no electronic scanners, no separation between sides. (I have seen such things in other states). In a recent book highly critical of Charlottesville, former Gov. Terry McAuliffe bemoaned the fact that the white supremacists had higher quality and higher power rifles than the Virginia State Police did.

So what will happen Jan. 20?

To its credit the Virginia Citizens Defense League has compiled a detailed list of what’s legal in terms and weapons and what is not. In general, Virginia is a free carry state but that seems to involve mostly holding a Concealed Carry Permit which does involves some modicum of education and practice. Although there are restrictions in Richmond, not so in state office buildings. Democrat Joe  Morrissey paraded an AK-47 around. Pistol Packing Momma Sen. Amanda strutted about with a revolver on her hip saying it was “very personal Equal Rights Amendment.”

To be fair, it seems that VCDL and other sanctuary backers are not the crazies that invaded Charlottesville in 2017. But there are likely going to be many more of them and if someone starts pulling triggers we could see a tragedy that makes Las Vegas seem like child’s play. At the minimum, it would unveil Virginia as a Wild East filled with crazies unworthy of a place where high tech firm would want to locate. Let’s hope that the cops have learned something in the past two and a half years and that the pro- gun control rights keep cool heads. Let’s also hope that gun control is finally voted in.

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20 responses to ““Unite the Right” Revisited?”

  1. LarrytheG Avatar

    yup, it’s started…

    ““The man behind the sheet wants your guns,” stated the poster, which promoted the Virginia Citizen Defense League’s Jan. 20 rally in Richmond. The poster showed an image from Northam’s yearbook page of two men, one wearing blackface, the other a Ku Klux Klan robe.”


    1. Steve Haner Avatar
      Steve Haner

      I still think he’s in his Michael Jackson get up and somebody else is behind the sheet. One day we’ll know. I’m patient.

      Several legislators have said that the elements of SB 16 which will 1) make a felon out of people who own lawfully-obtained weapons and 2) create a scenario for punishment and confiscation of those weapons is not going to fly. These include Democrats and even the Guv has walked it back. They need to make that concrete – now, like yesterday – with substitute language that defuses that part of the issue. Even registration of assault-style weapons will continue to infuriate people, but those two possibilities are the fuel for this fire right now.

      Of all those bills, the issues that the Assembly should focus on are expanded background checks and some kind of process – with Constitutional protections – for disarming people who pose a credible threat. Those two things might make us safer. The rest is worse than worthless. What Larry and Peter need to do is just admit they want the Second Amendment repealed, and I’m fine with them giving that a try. I’d vote no.

      How gracious of Peter to concede that most 2nd Amendment advocates have nothing in common with the racist Nazi thugs who came (mostly from out of state) to Charlottesville.

      1. LarrytheG Avatar

        No, I do NOT want the 2nd amendment repealed. In fact, I pretty much agree with your stipulations but the gun rights folks are going to AMP this up and intend to draw as many crazies as they can to the rally…

        What I DO ASK is where in the Constitution it defines what “arms” are and are not – and which of those arms is a “right” to own and which are apparently legally and Constitutionally restricted.

        My purpose in asking is to ask , for instance, where it says that machine guns/RPGs/bazookas/etc are NOT a “right” and Assault Weapons are?

        Why is that important ? Because the cruz of the argument is what can be “restricted” or not.

        Somehow, we assume that what is out there right now – no matter what it is – is a “right” even if it ends up being just as potent and deadly as a full auto machine gun.

        No one in their right mind (and I use that phrase gingerly) would argue (for instance) that any of us have a “right” to own an RPG.

        Why is that? Does the Constitution guarantee it as a right or not?

        what came AFTER the Constitution that said it was NOT a right?

        1. djrippert Avatar

          Lots of things are not explicitly defined in the constitution. Those areas are addressed by legislation and, if the legislation strays from the letter end intent of the constitution – the courts. You need to stop talking about the constitution and start talking about the US Supreme Court decisions pertaining to the Second amendment.

      2. djrippert Avatar

        I’d add the restrictions on the future sale of large capacity magazines (and clips, I suppose) as a reasonable restriction.

        1. TooManyTaxes Avatar

          I’ve read where it’s pretty easy for someone to manufacture larger-capacity magazines/clips. What’s the difference between someone doing this in his garage or smoking a joint?

          1. LarrytheG Avatar

            if someone makes a homemade bomb, grenades or RPG?

          2. TooManyTaxes Avatar

            Larry, believe it or not, people make bombs and grenades. They are called criminals – you know the type that Delegate Scott wants to let of prison when they get older.

          3. djrippert Avatar

            Illegal joints can’t be used to kill other people, the bullets in illegal high capacity magazines can. What’s the stoner going to do – through joints at his perceived enemies?

  2. Peter Galuszka Avatar
    Peter Galuszka

    Steve. I do not want the second amendment repealed. And i can do without the gratuitous snark thank you

  3. musingsfromjanus Avatar

    Isn’t it rich that a writer who can not resist peddling ad hominess smears and divisive rhetoric such as “Trump who incredibly found equivalency between white supremacists and people who protested against them” should be annoyed by a mild “smack”.

    1. Peter Galuszka Avatar
      Peter Galuszka

      Fuck of

      1. idiocracy Avatar

        Maybe you should sober up before posting? It’s “off”, not “of”.

  4. djrippert Avatar

    Charlottesville happened more because of Gov McAuliffe’s and Mayor Signer’s inept handling of the situation than anything else. Yes, the Unite the Right crowd were violent people who were looking for a fight. Similar situations happen across the country on a weekly basis. Yes, the Unite the People were in the wrong. Wrong-minded people exist. However, these violent, wrong minded people felt empowered to act based on inept handling of the situation. Maybe Richmond and Northam should outsource public protection for the upcoming Richmond “rally” to the DC or Chicago police. Hell, the Fairfax County police would have better handled the Unite the Right in Charlottesville.

    I must admire Gov McAuliffe’s ability to deceive with a straight face. Our National Guard was outgunned? The Virginia Air National Guard flies F-22 Raptors. The Virginia Army National Guard has assault helicopters. Our National Guard could have been as well armed as they wanted to be. Why they weren’t armed with their more powerful weapons is a good question. Governor, care to respond?

    1. Steve Haner Avatar
      Steve Haner

      I wish I believed it was “inept” and not intended. That’s why Jan 20 scares me, because if they stand down on purpose again……

      1. djrippert Avatar

        Yeah, the media whitewashed the whole Charlottesville debacle. They effectively turned the focus of what happened in Charlottesville to a screeching rebuttal of an erroneous and ill conceived comment by Trump. Meanwhile, the two leaders who should have put a lid on this skated.

        Maybe it was intentional but I doubt it. As my Dad would frequently say – when you see something stupid happen and you must choose between incompetence and conspiracy it is almost always incompetence.

    2. LarrytheG Avatar

      I would choose incompetence – with all the “trimmings” from the media, Trump and others… and that is the world we do live in now with the connectivity the internet offers to people and like-minded groups who can and do decide to attend an “event” en masse.

      And I’m charitable about the “incompetence” in that many local – and state law enforcement – are still in the process of trying to figure out how to marshal enough force in a short amount of time to deal with any event anywhere.

      Boston did a much better job of dealing with the White Supremacists but cities typically have such “riot” type capabilities formed and ready. If you went outside Boston to a local county – and white supremacists show up there in force, the result would probably be similar to Charlottsville.

      This will not happen in Richmond – because they have their forces right now in hand to deal with large unruly crowds AND they’ve got ample warning of the potential.

      but I do like the juxtaposition between “incompetence” and “conspiracy” as we see the later invoked quite often these days by a number folks on several levels.

  5. 2A people pretty much sing, cheer, applaud, and chant the Constitution at you. I’ve been to multiple rallys. I’ve felt safe. Told the same for others. Even had one of the MDA group said the other side wished them well, except for one (in every bunch). They’ll shush people up if they’re being rude.
    Pretty decent bunch.
    The govt. has not yet learned to go after the criminals and not the law abiding taxpayers who are just going to make your lives miserable emailing and calling you because you were a jerk.

    1. LarrytheG Avatar

      When ANY crowd dealing with controversial issues shows up packing guns – one would be a fool, “incompetent” to not be prepared if things get out of hand .

      The problem with the “nice” 2A folks is that there are some others with guns who are not as nice and they will likely show up – as will folks on the other side and they have their wild folks also.

      The problem with the 2A folks is 99% of them are peaceful and law abiding – the 1% do things like form Citizen Militias, “sovereigns groups, and white supremacy… and they attach themselves like velcro to the “peaceful” folks.

  6. Peter Galuszka Avatar
    Peter Galuszka

    Idiocracy. With respect, puck of

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