by Dick Hall-Sizemore

Crime is again a top story, both in the national media and on this blog.

Many on this blog seem to think they have identified what is behind the recent rise in crime, especially homicides and other violent crimes. Two years ago, Jim Bacon pointed out that the Commonwealth had the fourth lowest crime rate in the nation. Now, he does not seem so optimistic, lamenting, “What we’re seeing now is the result of a thorough de-legitimization of the criminal justice system by America’s political, media and cultural elites.” Other commenters voice the same alarm, blaming progressives, “woke” prosecutors, and general soft-on-crime policies. Essentially, they blame Democratic leaders. See here, here, and here.

The facts tell a different story. According to the most recent data from the FBI, Virginia still has one of the lowest crime rates in the nation. Its rate of 208.7 violent crimes per 100,000 population is the sixth lowest, lower than even that of super-conservative Wyoming (234.2). For a table showing all the violent crime rates, see Crime rates.

On a national scale the data belie the claim that crime is rampant in Democratic areas. Of the ten jurisdictions with the highest violent crime rates in 2020, seven were carried by Donald Trump in the 2020 election. Of that group of ten, only the District of Columbia, New Mexico, and Arizona were carried by Joe Biden. (Arizona could be put in either column for the purposes of this argument.  Although narrowly carried by Biden, it has a Republican governor and legislature.) Only two Republican states, Idaho and Wyoming, are in the 10 states with the lowest violent crime rates.

Murder is the violent crime that garners the most attention. Republican states top the list on this measure as well.

Using 2019 and 2020 murder data from the annual crime reports of each state, one study found that “murder rates are, on average, 40% higher in the 25 states Donald Trump won in the last election compared to those that voted for Joe Biden.” Of the ten states with the highest murder rates, only two, Georgia and New Mexico went for Biden. (Like Arizona in the previous comparison, Georgia could have gone in either column as a state with a Republican governor and legislator, but which went narrowly for Biden.)

With the exception of New Mexico, the states in the “top ten’ were all Southern or border states. Mississippi’s murder rate (20.50) was 400% higher than New York’s (4.11), 250% higher than California’s (5.59), and 120% higher than Illinois’s (9.20).  Furthermore, between 2019 and 2020, murder rates increased faster in Trump-voting states than in Biden-voting states.

Many of the commentaries blaming Democrats focus on cities, citing the increasing number of murders in those municipalities. For example, Hans Bader, in raising the alarm about the national increases in murders, pointed to these specific cities and the increases in their murder rates:  Seattle (74.7%), Minneapolis (72.3%), Chicago (55.5%), Boston (54.1%), New York (39.2%), St. Louis (34.5%), and Los Angeles (30.4%).  It is not a coincidence that all these cities have Democratic mayors.

Perhaps because the complaints about progressive prosecutors and other Democratic policies (see here and here) fail to explain what has been happening in Republican-led cities, as well, they conveniently omit those cities from their cries of alarm. That would include the increases in the murder rates of the following cities:  Tulsa (39%), Fort Worth (62%), and Fresno (64%).

Then there is Jacksonville. It is known as the “murder capital” of Florida and has had a Republican mayor for six years. Despite their similar sizes, Jacksonville had 128 more murders than San Francisco in 2020.

Speaking of San Francisco, the homicide rate in the Nancy Pelosi’s city was half that of Bakersfield, the home of House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy and a city with a Republican mayor and that overwhelmingly voted for Trump. In fact, the homicide rate for Kern County, in which Bakersfield is the largest city, is the highest of any California county.  One security site has ranked Bakersfield in the top 10 most dangerous metro areas in America.

My Soapbox

The underlying causes of crime and abrupt changes in crime trends are varied and complex. Attempts to put a partisan spin on these issues do not hold up under scrutiny and do not contribute to an understanding of the problem.

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121 responses to “Those Violent Red States”

  1. Jim Loving Avatar
    Jim Loving

    Very Well said Dick, very well said.

    There is a wide spectrum of criminality in our nation along with a tiered Law Enforcement force. From jaywalking or speeding in a rural small town, to murder in the largest city, to “white collar” crime in a city or state, to inter-state or international crimes that involve the FBI, to crimes against the state itself and our very system – like sedition, treason, and espionage., obstruction of justice, incitement of political violence, moving America from a Democracy to anocracy. We are moving into a “reckless lawless age,” but its not the Democratic party or “Woke liberals” leading us there.

    We can politicize this issue, like is done with all issues, but it would be helpful to notice that what is happening across all these vectors is systemic breakdown of the norms of our society and our system.

    Most scholars and people who are looking at the larger issues have noted which political party is at the center of nullification of our system, seeking to “burn it all down.”

    Hint – its not the woke liberals or the Democratic party. So, if one is on the Red team, what to do? Deflect and attack, while whistling past the grave yard of the undoing of the good ol US of A.

    1. walter smith Avatar
      walter smith

      So…you’re saying the “scholars” (Marxists who think we they are better than the “deplorables,” but still love money) are now against sanctuary cities, illegal immigration, two sets of “justice,” a politicized, weaponized DOJ and FBI?
      January 6 is an insurrection without guns and the stupid Unite the Right was the Summer of Hate, but not 2020 Floydapalooza.
      Hey…are the Righties planning to kill Kavanaugh and other right-leaning judges?
      Was it Pubblies SWATting MTG?
      Good thing you weren’t there with Jim Jones – you’d have been first to drink the Kool-Aid…

      1. Is that you Newt?

  2. Ronnie Chappell Avatar
    Ronnie Chappell

    The effort put into this piece is obvious and appreciated.

  3. Dick Hall-Sizemore Avatar
    Dick Hall-Sizemore

    I have added a link to a spreadsheet showing all the state violent crime rates.

    1. Lefty665 Avatar

      Violent crime occurs mostly in cities. You obscure that by reporting by state and that also profoundly changes the political party data.

      For example in Maryland Dem run Baltimore, 2nd highest murder rate in the US, is where most of the violent crime occurs (it ain’t in Laurel or Bowie) and Maryland has a Repub Governor. By conflating city and state you stand the statistics on their heads.

      An even better example is Missouri with Dem run St. Louis having the highest murder rate in the nation. Conflate the city and state and that Missouri went for Trump and you have completely reversed the stats.

      1. DJRippert Avatar

        Exactly right. Crime statistics by state are all but meaningless. Defunding the police is a local matter. Commonwealth Attorneys are elected by locality. Etc.

        1. And where have police been defunded? Answer, not a single large city.

          1. Thanks,

            Portland is not typically considered a large city but it did make the top 50 in population.

        2. ” Crime statistics by state are all but meaningless”

          Must be why crime in red states is so high if those states are ignoring those stats. Police can’t eliminate crime. You could hire twice the number of police and it wouldn’t make much of a difference.

      2. Do you have any reason to believe that political party of the mayor plays a role in homicide rates other than coincidence of stats? Go back in time when Republicans could still be elected and was not the same or similar homicide comparisons exist? It’s generally accepted now that both crime and homicides are tied closer to poverty. Where are those crimes being committed within a city?

        For policies it’s necessary to drilling down to more of a micro level such as neighborhood or even each case. Gun control is a exception since they are so easily transported and now we have “ghost” guns which can’t even be traced!

        1. Lefty665 Avatar

          18 of the top 20 murder rates are in Dem run cities. That is more than “coincidence of stats”.

          Voting is highly correlated with population density. The higher the density the more Dem the voting. The result is Dem run cities. Thus 3/4 of the 100 largest cities in America are Dem run. Only 1 of the cities with the highest murder rates is run by Repubs, and it is #14 out of 20.

          Sure, poverty breeds crime and murder, and is the primary locale for them. From the numbers and the prevalence of Dem run cities shows that the Repubs are doing a better job than Dems at controlling murder in impoverished areas.

          “Ghost” guns are immaterial. What we care about are crime guns. Most are legally bought then sold to criminals or stolen. “Ghost” guns make up a very small portion of crime guns. They are just another hysterical talking point.

          1. “That is more than “coincidence of stats””

            In statistics a sampling of 20 is insignificant, almost anecdotal. If there’s any causation question it would be my why are 18 of 20 mayors elected Democrats? I see 2 R mayors, Jacksonville FL and Fort Worth TX both a little under one million.

            If we expand the list to 50 top there’s 11 R mayors or around 1 in 5 and that’s with the smallest city just under 400k.

            Saying density doesn’t work, where’s defined density that switches to Republican since there’s many small cities that routinely elect Democrats. Also some cities such as Los Angeles is notoriously very spread out and lower density than many cities much smaller though I certainly agree it’s more likely the cause than party affiliation of the mayor.

            You better research Ghost guns, if they’re not a problem in certain areas it’s either there is already such availability of guns or it’s yet to happen. It a real issue in areas with stricter gun control like most cities. In crimes do they outnumber more conventional guns, no but very possibly will in time. Worst part, the ghost guns are untraceable. For example DC previously could trace where most guns came from, every year that number is lowered as more ghost guns are used in crimes. 19,000 ghost guns used in crimes were reported to the ATF in 2021.

            I wouldn’t say anything that affects law enforcement and efforts to lower gun crimes is “hysterical”!


          2. …19,000 ghost guns used in crimes were reported to the ATF in 2021.

            Please provide your source for this number. I had not seen it before.

            Thank you.

          3. Where I live in a very safe suburb we’ve had two instances where HS students had killed a classmate so I read every article about ghost guns when I can.

            The ATF report also provided data on “ghost guns,” which are firearms that can be bought online or 3D-printed and assembled at home. They are virtually untraceable and can be purchased without a background check. The agency said that police discovered over 19,000 ghost guns in 2021 — 10 times as many as were found in 2016.


          4. You need to do some more research, because your definition of a “ghost gun” is incorrect.

            First, firearms purchased on-line require the same background checks as any other firearm. Second, 3-D printed guns are mostly a leftist “boogieman”, hyped up to instill fear in the population. There are so few 3-d printed guns used in crimes that they do not even show up on crime statistics. That is because as of today, 3-D printed guns are weak, unreliable, and are considered a novelty. It takes real machining of real steel and/or other real metals to manufacture a real firearm.

            A “ghost gun” is built using a partially-finished receiver purchased from a manufacturer or supplier of such items. A partial receiver is, as its name implies, only partially completed, and requires some amount of machining on the part of the builder. The builder must be competent with tools or he/she will end up with an expensive toy gun.

            A partially completed receiver does not fit the [current] legal definition of a firearm, so it is not required to have a serial number, and no background check is required to purchase it.

            Upon completing the receiver, the builder must purchase and attach/install a stock, firing pin/striker, barrel, trigger group, magazine, etc., in order to complete the gun. While not extremely complicated, building an so-called “ghost gun” is not a simple process and not everyone is up to the task.

            The “ghost gun” moniker comes from the fact that the finished product does not have a manufacturer’s serial number. This is a logical outcome since the gun was essentially manufactured by the individual who built it.

            And, this is all possible because the receiver is the part the gun that ATF (and the law) considers to be the “firearm”. All other components of the weapon can be legally purchased from gunsmiths, gun stores, sporting goods stores specializing in customizing firearms, etc.

            Also by the way, you did not provide the source of your data, which I requested.

          5. I never defined what constitutes a ghost gun but you’re correct it was only the older and most crude that didn’t include significant metal parts.

            Somehow teenagers with both computer and a semblance of mechanical abilities are quite able to assemble a ghost gun. Suspect some figure out they can also turn a profit by making them for those less able. I have absolutely no idea what the underground or black-market price is for a ghost gun.

            Correct no serial numbers which is why police and law makers rushed to pass new laws on ghost guns why just days ago 8/24/22 there’s now a federal law in effect that requires sellers to serialize ghost guns and require background checks.

            Guess all those police and lawmaking “leftist “boogieman”” helped.


            PS: I did provide the source you asked for about the 19,000 ghost guns in discovered in 2021. Check the end of my post you responded to 5 hours ago. It was Business Insider.

          6. I never attempted to define or describe how to build a ghost gun. I mistyped when I wrote ‘bought online “OR” 3D-printed and assembled at home’ I meant “bought online, 3D printed and assembled at home”.

            Odd thinking the ATF and police departments are “leftist” and creating a “boogieman,” because it’s they who have been alerting the public, the media is repeating their alerts.

            I listed one of my sources in my last post. If you want more you seem quite about to use the internet.

  4. James Wyatt Whitehead Avatar
    James Wyatt Whitehead

    Jacksonville had 178 murders in 2021.

    31 of the murdered were age 11-20.
    92 dead between ages 21 and 40.
    146 were men.
    132 were black. 36 were white.
    151 were shooting victims.
    Lowest crime months were December and January.

  5. Without knowing the statistics from 47% of the total population for 2020 and and 72% for 2011-2020, how valid are the comparisons?

    “In 2020, there were 538,203 violent-crime incidents, and 640,836 offenses reported in the United States by 9,991 law enforcement agencies that submitted National Incident-Based Reporting System (NIBRS) data, and covers 53% of the total population.”

    “For 2011 – 2020, there were 3,421,810 violent-crime incidents, and 3,942,667 offenses reported in the United States by at most 6,085 law enforcement agencies that submitted National Incident-Based Reporting System (NIBRS) data, and covers 28% of the total population.”

    National Incident-Based Reporting System (NIBRS) Details Reported in the United States

    1. Agree assuming your point is it’s just estimates at this time. I haven’t found a single official that breakdowns by locale later than 2019.

      A brief look at the situation is there are two crime incident reporting systems the FBI uses (used), National Incident-Based Reporting System (NIBRS) and Summary Reporting System (SRS). The latter which became legacy and not used post 2020. Both were compiled into the Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) data sets the most recent being 2019, so very slow. The combination of NIBRS and SRS account for over 85% of the agencies reporting for 2020.

      NIBRS is quicker, one year until posted, so Dec ’21 for ’20 data so recent year data available is 2020, any later stats could be considered more estimates. Where did you find your law enforcement participation rate?

      “In 2020, the FBI expanded homicide crime statistics for the nation are based on 15,875 of 18,623 law enforcement agencies (85%) in the country that year who elected to submit an expanded homicide report.”

  6. walter smith Avatar
    walter smith

    Wait…that was NOT putting a partisan spin on things?
    Evil exists. The hatred unleashed by K-12 (and later) indoctrination and the intentional demolition of Judeo Christian norms is having the societal breakdown everywhere. Then on top of that you have the hellhole cities, mostly run by Dems, but the problem is the ideology. People have free will. When we fail to hold people accountable for bad decisions…when we subsidize bad decisions – you get more bad decisions. And the people who disproportionately pay for such policies are the lower classes, and then even more so, blacks. That’s not compassion. That is cynical vote farming, making people think they are victims for their own behaviors, and causing greater harm. The single biggest problem – affecting all other areas – is illegitimacy. Boys need a father to learn limits and moderation and sacrifice. Girls need to know they are loved by a father for themselves, not as a sexual plaything.

    1. Christians don’t commit crimes, it’s everyone else?

      1. walter smith Avatar
        walter smith

        You obviously don’t know much about Christianity, do you?

        1. LarrytheG Avatar

          perhaps more than you know who!

        2. Not true, I know that Christians are just as capable of crimes which if you deny you’re fooling yourself.

  7. Lefty665 Avatar

    There is 1 Repub run city in the top 20 by murder rate. 18 of the top 20 cities by murder rate are run by Dems. The other 2 are Tulsa which is Repub run and Las Vegas which is non partisan. Seems there is data that murder is rampant in Dem run cities.

    The twenty cities in the United States with the highest murder rates (murders per 100,000 people) are:

    D St. Louis, MO (69.4)
    D Baltimore, MD (51.1)
    D New Orleans, LA (40.6)
    D Detroit, MI (39.7)
    D Cleveland, OH (33.7)
    NP Las Vegas, NV (31.4)
    D Kansas City, MO (31.2)
    D Memphis, TN (27.1)
    D Newark, NJ (25.6)
    D Chicago, IL (24)
    D Cincinnati, OH (23.8)
    D Philadelphia, PA (20.2)
    D Milwaukee, WI (20.0)
    R Tulsa, OK (18.6)
    D Pittsburgh, PA (18.4)
    D Indianapolis, IN (17.7)
    D Louisville, KY (17.5)
    D Oakland, CA (17.1)
    D Washington D.C. (17.0)
    D Atlanta, GA (16.7)

    The U.S. has the 3rd highest murder rate in the world, but if you take out the murders in 5 Dem run cities (Chicago, Detroit, D.C., St. Louis & New Orleans) the U.S. falls to 189th. That’s pretty dramatic.

    1. Dick Hall-Sizemore Avatar
      Dick Hall-Sizemore

      The articles to which I was referring were looking at increases in murder rates. My point is that murder rates are increasing in both Republican and Democratically run cities.

      1. Lefty665 Avatar

        And mine is that the highest murder rates in America overwhelmingly occur in Dem run cities.

        Causality or coincidence. I can’t tell you, but the numbers are overwhelming, Dem 18:1 Repub. Attempts to paint it otherwise remind me of the old saw “Liars, damned liars and statisticians”.

        1. Nancy Naive Avatar
          Nancy Naive

          Okay, what’s the clearance rates for the city PDs?

          1. Lefty665 Avatar

            That grasshopper is a question for you to answer. I’ve done my dive into assembling statistics for the weekend. Please have at it, that would be an interesting number:)

            My guess is that clearance rates run roughly the inverse of murder rates. Cities that have high clearance rates are likely to discourage more murders and those with low clearance rates get more murders. Consequences, or the lack thereof, affect behavior.

          2. Lefty665 Avatar

            Here’s a link to clearance rates:

            They note an inverse relationship between clearance rates and murder rates, Looks like my guess was reasonable.

            They also show that clearance rates have been steadily dropping. The recent dramatic fall off corresponds to the increase in murders.

            They also note that in 1965 the clearance rate was over 90% and by 2020 it had fallen to close to 50%. Back in ’65 East St. Louis was the only city that failed to clear most of its murders. I guess it’s no surprise that St. Louis leads the country in murder rate today. Still crazy after all these years.

          3. Nancy Naive Avatar
            Nancy Naive

            Of course, in ’65 they beat confessions out of innocent folks.

          4. Lefty665 Avatar

            Or maybe they worked at solving murders rather than turning the usual suspects loose to do it again as we seem to be doing today.

    2. Nancy Naive Avatar
      Nancy Naive

      Let a Republican win an election in a poor city.

      1. Lefty665 Avatar

        Not very likely to happen. Voting strongly tends to track with population density. Cities are thus far more likely to vote Dem.

        That is also what the numbers show, 3/4 of the hundred largest cities in the U.S. are run by Dems. Only 1 of the top 20 cities with the highest murder rates is governed by a Repub, 18 are by Dems. That would seem to demonstrate that Repub run cities have lower murder rates, but I would not make that argument without looking at a lot more numbers.

        My interest is not in blaming Dems so much as it is objecting to DH-Ss cherry picking statistics to make a misleading partisan point explicitly to contradict other threads on BR.

        There is a legitimate discussion to be had about what is wrong, why and how to fix it. This thread jerking around statistics does not help us to have it.

        1. Dick Hall-Sizemore Avatar
          Dick Hall-Sizemore

          I do not feel that I was trying to “make a partisan point”. Rather, my objective was to point out that other commentaries are partisan, cherry picking data from only Democratic areas and ignoring evidence of violent crime and increasing murder rates in Republican areas. My conclusion was similar to yours: There is a legitimate discussion to be had about what is wrong, why and how to fix it. Partisan finger pointing does not help.

          1. YellowstoneBound1948 Avatar

            This is completely disingenuous.

          2. How so, data is data.

          3. Lefty665 Avatar


            Cities are where the murders happen. Cities are also mostly Dem run, That is 3/4 of the 100 largest American cities, and 18 out of the 20 with the highest murder rates. That is not cherry picking.

            Coincidence or causality I dunno, but the numbers are clear. Cities are where the murders are, cities are mostly Dem run, and cities with the highest murder rates are almost all Dem run. Those are facts. It is not partisan to state them.

            Those facts also raise questions. It is not necessarily partisan to explore whether widespread Dem ideologies such as identity politics, woke racism and their derivatives that are coincident with the increase in murders have an impact in cities with the highest murder rates. Causality?

            Conflating cities and states then using state data to turn statistics on their little pointy heads is not helpful. It is profoundly mistaken in addition to appearing partisan.

          4. Dick Hall-Sizemore Avatar
            Dick Hall-Sizemore

            Look at the links I provided. They cite the increase in only cities led by Democrats. As I documented, cities led by Republicans also had large increases in their murder rates.

          5. Lefty665 Avatar

            They are still very low compared to murder rates in Dem run cities. Dems are leading the pack by far.

          6. Cities are very different with newer cities usually have much lower population densities especially at city centers. When you narrow the view you bring in more variables not less. Case in point it’s not until you continue limiting the scope to for example neighborhoods within the city when factors contributing to the violence becomes evident. Hint it’s not the party the mayor belongs to.

          7. Lefty665 Avatar

            Nonsense. It is the political party running cities. 18 of the 20 cities with the highest murder rates are run by Dems. That is 90%, and that’s not a “hint” that is a fact.

            Murders are concentrated in impoverished areas of cities. Those areas are governed by the same people who run the rest of the cities.

          8. Agreed murders are concentrated in poor areas but doesn’t that mean it’s not the party of the mayor or council?

            I’ll take the challenge but suggest we do counties since cities exist in counties. As you see it changes the ranking so it’s not nonsense. I’ll take living in most of those 20 cities over a county without the amenities which is one reason the poor gravitate to cities, easier access to services.


          9. Lefty665 Avatar

            No! It does not mean that at all. What it means is that the party running the city is not dealing with crime.

            Your response is still nonsense. Cities have their own administrations even when part of a county.

            Your living choice is a non sequitur in light of your argument that cities are within counties. You can’t live in a city without also living in a county anywhere but Virginia. You can have either side of that argument, but not both.

          10. This discussion started with data on states, introducing comparisons of counties is no different than cities. Are you trying to create nonexistent rule?

            The reality is when you pick a large city they usually dominate the data for the county they are in. Examples Virginia Beach or neighboring Chesapeake City, both of which swallowed their surrounding counties, that doesn’t always occur.

            Outside of Virginia standalone cities exist right across the river, DC, and in Maryland it would be Baltimore. I think we can be assured more exist, not that for the purpose of comparing homicide rates it matters.

            I really don’t see city services (administration) as being more important than state laws and courts/laws when it comes to law enforcement and homicide crimes. If you think law enforcement (police) is most significant then we need to consider all the smaller cities/towns within counties that have their own police force. Ignoring counties, smaller cities/towns and talking only about large cities ignores homicide rates that are reported. There are nearly 16 thousand agencies reporting homicides. Looking at say 20 cities over a million population you’re missing/ignoring the bulk of data. If a county has a higher homicide rate that most large cities, isn’t that important!
            No one has PROVEN it’s the administration of a state, county, or city that causes or allows crime, that’s why this discussion.

            Care to continue with discussion of causes such as poverty, population density, or alternatives/combinations. Preferably some factor that’s measurable, not subjective.

        2. Matt Adams Avatar
          Matt Adams

          If DHS didn’t cherry-pick and make a partisan point, he’d only publish an article or two a year.

          1. You mean a post that challenges your beliefs. Have a friend who love to play “Devil’s Advocate” to get into discussions.

            PS: limiting any discussion on homicide rates or crime to large cities only is also a cherry-pick.

          2. Matt Adams Avatar
            Matt Adams

            “Sasha 7 hours ago
            You mean a post that challenges your beliefs. Have a friend who love to play “Devil’s Advocate” to get into discussions.

            PS: limiting any discussion on homicide rates or crime to large cities only is also a cherry-pick.”

            DHS isn’t playing devil’s advocate, he’s playing partisan politics as always. As for challenging my beliefs, that’s a big swing and a miss concern troll.

          3. GOP partisans are evident en masse responding with the same broken record they’ve been making for years. No wonder people who live in cities won’t vote for them.

            It’s clear that there are places in cities are safer to anyone who reads beyond the headline or actually read news and not rely on TV/Cable news.

            It’s not like DHS came up with breaking information, people considering travel or moving check out just how safe places are. Perhaps you should consider that people are smarter and better read than GOP leaders say.

            If those of the Republican Party unwilling to accept challenges and hone their message beyond slogans isn’t go to hurt their opponents. Go ahead repeat the same old thing that lost you in part the last election and others.

            Stick with promoting gun ownership and eliminated gun control and you’re doing nothing but hurting mostly your own states but eventually even you will tire of the killings and mass shooting.
            At least in the cities it’s mostly criminals killing each other.

          4. Matt Adams Avatar
            Matt Adams

            What you just stated reminds me of the following movie quote:

            “Mr. Madison, what you’ve just said is one of the most insanely idi*tic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now d*mber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.”

            It’s relevant to your comment, perhaps you should step back and digest it?

          5. So that’s it nothing but an attempt to insult, no rebuttal.

            There’s nothing to “digest” which certainly matches your party’s slogans, full of hot air.

            See you in November…

          6. Matt Adams Avatar
            Matt Adams

            There was nothing to rebut in your comment, it was pure nonsense.

            “There’s nothing to “digest” which certainly matches your party’s slogans, full of hot air.

            See you in November…”

            There you go assuming again, you frankly don’t know anything about me and your comments are devoid of intelligence, much like yourself.

          7. Troll elsewhere

          8. Matt Adams Avatar
            Matt Adams

            Without a hint of irony the troll accuses others of trolling. Acquire a brain, then comment please.

    3. “The U.S. has the 3rd highest murder rate in the world, but if you take out the murders in 5 Dem run cities (Chicago, Detroit, D.C., St. Louis & New Orleans) the U.S. falls to 189th. That’s pretty dramatic.”

      I was very suspicious given the numbers and it fact that’s not true.

      There’s no methodology since there’s a bad link within the page.

      Looking further I found this:
      “A viral meme shared on social media following the Parkland, Fla., shooting claimed the United States has the third-highest count of murders worldwide, a ranking that would drop dramatically if five major cities were excluded.

      The image has been circulating since at least 2015.”

      “Controlling for population size, most criminologists use the per 100,000 metric. By that standard, we found the United States ranked 94th.”

      NOT 3rd highest

      “Dropping them from the U.S. total has little substantive impact on the U.S. homicide rate or count.

      The cities cited in the meme accounted for 1,568 of 17,250, or 9.1 percent, of all homicides reported to the FBI in 2016, Tom Kovandzic, a criminologist at the University of Texas, Dallas, calculated for us. And without those cities, the homicide rate (per capita) would only decline by 7.73 percent, or from 5.34 to 4.93.”

    4. “The U.S. has the 3rd highest murder rate in the world, but if you take out the murders in 5 Dem run cities (Chicago, Detroit, D.C., St. Louis & New Orleans) the U.S. falls to 189th. That’s pretty dramatic.”

      “Taking out those 5 cities Chicago, Detroit, D.C., St. Louis & New Orleans) the U.S. falls to 189th.”

      That’s NOT pretty dramatic, it’s NOT mathematically possible or true. Fortunately there are those who fact check.

  8. Nancy Naive Avatar
    Nancy Naive

    A drive-by in LA is a drive-by near you. Unless you practice, you probably stink at evaluating risk, and Americans seem to be really bad at it. It’s probably because we’re comfortable and risk averse.

    After reading a Karen opinion, how many here would go to downtown Norfolk for dinner?

    A terrorist attack in Greece and Americans cancel vactions like crazy. If you move quickly, you can snatch up some deals.

  9. LarrytheG Avatar

    Murder rates are higher in cities – around the world.

    It has nothing to do with Dem leadership unless one wants to attribute the murder rate in other countries cities as due to “democratic governance”.

    And if you want to compare the murder rate in US cities with the murder rate in our countries cities – you’ll see that we got some competition.

    The folks trying to get in to the US on the Mexico border are running away from Central America countries largely run by gangs – far worse than what we have in this country.

    If you want to convince me – show me some Republican cities and their low murder rates… maybe true?

    1. walter smith Avatar
      walter smith

      Larry – we could bury you under tons of evidence and you would still cling to your DNC shibboleths…no matter what!
      Oh…now we have to find a Republican city to prove the negative. Here is the positive – stupid Leftist anti-Christian ideology and the breaking down of societal norms. It hurts all people.

      1. LarrytheG Avatar

        Simple stuff Walter. Prove that GOP-run cities have less crime than Dem run cities. Good Luck.

        1. walter smith Avatar
          walter smith

          No Larry. As usual. Simple answers from a simpleton (sorry – not an ad hominem – I am criticizing the “quality” of your thinking).
          Why don’t you prove that in the cities the crime that is happening is not (1) overwhelmingly in the poorest districts; (2) overwhelmingly being done in areas with the highest illegitimacy rates; (3) unfortunately, but true, disproportionately committed by blacks and also suffered disproportionately by blacks?
          If you really cared about “POC” as you Lefties claim, wouldn’t you want to do something to help? (Rhetorical question – you don’t – you just want their votes and don’t care in reality. You pretend to care and offer excuses for their horrible living conditions that removes any part of their own contribution to it. Now you’re moving on to bribing the idiot educated with the worthless gender studies degrees, who wonder why they can’t pay off the student debt, while the academics get overpaid and “teach” that men can have babies (They are SO SMART!)…but I digress!)
          This is an individual behavior problem – free will. People making bad choices. Not just “systemic racism.” All of the Leftist “fixes” make things worse. Truth.

          1. LarrytheG Avatar

            Walter. I ACCEPT the fact that there are murders. I do not try to ascribe the “reasons”.

            I also encourage folks to look at murders from a world perspective so they don’t get all tangled up in left and right, dem and GOP , and blame on certain races.

            We’re talking about Neanderthal and knuckle-draggers here, way worse than “leftists”!

          2. There certainly is a lot of hate and anger there Walter. Resulting to throwing insults shows even you doubt your point of view.

          3. walter smith Avatar
            walter smith

            Ah… so you are a pseudonym for the Troll and going Freudian on me…
            No, truth is truth and sometimes it hurts. But you can’t fix a problem until you acknowledge the problem. Leftism is a lie. Leftism doesn’t work.

          4. Troll? Do you understand the word means? It’s is a common internet response, often as you do here to avoid an intelligent response.

            It’s impossible not to see hate and anger in what you written here, more insults and name calling than anything else. We get it, you have zero tolerance for an opinion that differs from your own. At least except who you are and stop embarrassing yourself as well as attempts to stop discussions.

          5. walter smith Avatar
            walter smith

            Stop discussions? Not me!
            I was referring to Eric the Half Troll, who is really a full Troll (you have to admire his humility, if not his honesty), who tried the psychobabble Freudian stuff, so I still suspect you as a pseudonym for Freud Trolling…
            Anyway, I notice that you and Troll and others don’t answer the substantive points. I read the stupid articles you all post and usually find the weaknesses quickly, but all I get from you guys is projection…like an IMax!
            The single biggest problem in crime is family breakdown and the biggest aspect of family breakdown is illegitimacy.
            That is simple truth, which nobody wants to acknowledge.

  10. vicnicholls Avatar

    Dick you are comparing Governors, not the District Attorney or the Attorney General in those states. When it comes to crime, a soft DA in a crime ridden area is going to out flank a R Governor.

    1. We’re talking about homicides, not shop-lifting. There’s no DA/AG who is soft on murder, there’s federal and state laws that dictate bail, sentencing, and parole. Don’t forget courts and judges as well.

  11. Dick and I have different theories of what causes crime. One of the tests of a theory is its predictive value. For the past couple of years, I have been raising the alarm about increasing violent crime and predicting more of the same. Dick and others have dismissed my concerns at every step. Who was right?

    1. LarrytheG Avatar

      Your theory, Conservatives theory is that you can “prevent” crime if there is uber law enforcement that will discourage would-be criminals.


      1. What do you mean by uber law enforcement? Not, I hope, the policies the democrats perfected with the KKK?

        1. LarrytheG Avatar

          You mean “conservatives” with the KKK, right? Same folks, right?

          1. Sorry, KKK democrats hung republicans alongside blacks. And the democrats, when they were proud of their KKK membership, perfected the techniques. Are those what you are referring to, or can you tell us what you meant by uber law enforcement.

          2. Do you like to mislead Tom. You know perfectly well the Southern Democrats left the Democratic Party after the civil rights laws of the 60’s.

            Look to the southern states today to see how they vote and their policies. With KKK and their ilk votes in support.

          3. He asked for an answer to his question about republican use of “uber law enforcement”. Despite several requests, he has not defined what the phrase means. Since the democrats of today continue to use the tactics of Jim Crow against their opponents, it’s appropriate to ask if those are the policies referred to by the phrase.

          4. You could take the initiative if you didn’t understand and lookup uber.

            You seem to have a problem with history, did you skip class or forget. Jim Crow tactics followed the Confederacy of the South of restricting the vote. You know the Confederacy, Trump MAGA still carry and display their flag.

    2. Dick Hall-Sizemore Avatar
      Dick Hall-Sizemore

      I don’t remember having “dismissed” your concerns.

    3. Perhaps everyone might be happier if the comparison was at the county level rather than state. Cities for the most part reside in a county or sometimes two.

      Stumbled upon this article from 2017 and we could look for other sources.

    1. LarrytheG Avatar

      ” Terry also said some crimes could have been prevented if the Legislature changed the law to keep criminals behind bars.

      “That is a fact,” Terry added, while noting people need to be held accountable for their actions.”

      When talking about murders and murder rate, are most murders committed by already-convicted murders, i.e. convicted, imprisoned, released, and murdered again?

      Remember, not say it never happens. Asking if most murders are done by convicted murders who were released.

      1. While some crimes have leeway, murder especially “with intent” (First Degree) has in every state harsh sentencing generally at a minimum 25 years, only goes up from there. Suppose the question is which states still have a death penalty.

        I’d say it’s quite rare that a convicted, sentenced murderer murders again. Both federal and states will deny bail pretrial for murder if evidence is certain or if perpetrator can be considered a danger.

        Remember also it’s the judge who makes the determination for bail, not DA/AG or their attorneys.

  12. James C. Sherlock Avatar
    James C. Sherlock

    Cities provide population density and opportunity. So we talk about them when we talk about crime.

    We as a civilization need to mitigate violence somehow. It will take some combination of law enforcement, education and mental health care. Law enforcement is the quickest fix. So we talk about law enforcement.

    Dick argues here about the politics of who is more likely to provide robust law enforcement. Important topic.

    What does your understanding of the law enforcement policy preference differences between progressives and conservatives tell you?

    That is the correct answer.

    1. LarrytheG Avatar

      You were good until this: ” Law enforcement is the quickest fix. ”

      Unless you’re gonna post law enforcement on every street corner 24/7 and never let anyone out of prison to reoffend again, it’s a fail.

      Even the most repressive cities that actually use soldiers – can’t control crime. Some of the worst countries are rife with gangs and worse.

      But, prove your premise with data if you can.

      Crime does not stop because you have uber law enforcement. It does not stop when you imprison folks – if you let them out again.

      So show some places that do this well and as a result have much lower crime rates.

      1. Agree, advantage using state data you can see that there little to no correlation between states with largest police force (per capita) with harshest sentencing laws and homicides.

        1. LarrytheG Avatar

          yeah, but that would be admitting the issue…eh?

    2. Don’t forget, the topic is homicides not shop-lifting.

      The opportunity to commit crimes exists everywhere, it’s not limited to cities as the data shows.

      As I recall Dick only mentioned the current theme of blame politics not how to fix it. Wish it were that simple, thankfully even with the uptick of the last 2 1/2 years it’s still far better than the 60’s thru 80’s.

  13. LarrytheG Avatar

    If we’re going to talk about murder , some basic info to be aware of before making statements that don’t conform to facts.

    1. walter smith Avatar
      walter smith

      So some murder is OK?
      Notice how many of those red countries are being waved into the US while SlowJoe the Teleprompter in Chief of the United States (TOTUS) illegally refuses to enforce the border laws he has sworn to uphold – “so help me God.” (You know, good Catholic Joe from Scranton… seriously – the real people who voted for him – not 81 million – you should be ashamed of yourselves – causing suffering WORLDWIDE – at some point, QUIT DIGGING. Admit it! First step to recovery…)

      1. LarrytheG Avatar

        No one says murder is “ok” but the reality if there are murders. It’s a human thing and it has not one thing to do with Joe Biden except for the idiots who can’t maintain a rational view of the world.

        1. walter smith Avatar
          walter smith

          Actually, Larry, it DOES have to do with the carcass that is Joe Biden. He represents all the steaming pile of stupidity that IS Leftism. What do you think about denying federal lunch money to school districts that disagree with promoting sex mutilation? “Gender affirming care” or supporting mental illness – heck requiring and promoting mental illness!
          What do you think about prohibiting doctors from participating in sexual mutilation of children? Are Doctors not permitted conscience? (Obviously not as we blew up the Nuremberg Code to force an experimental medical product that doesn’t work and has severe and still unknown side effects on the populace and prohibited discussion of it)
          Is abortion at least a somewhat complicated moral question? Can we agree it is not a moral good?
          Illegitimacy? No fault divorce? The required celebration of gayness?
          Maybe the stupid people who preceded us were wiser in their social conventions. EVERYTHING the Left is doing is poison and destructive. So, no compromise with you. Wrong is wrong. Telling the truth is more loving than lying about destructive behaviors.

          1. LarrytheG Avatar

            geeze Walter…It’s like JAB on steroids.

          2. walter smith Avatar
            walter smith

            Thank you for the unexpected compliment. But you should apologize to Jim.

      2. Walter you’re distracting from a serious discussion of homicides with these political rants.

        There is zero evidence immigrants legal or not commit more crimes or murders, in fact for both it’s less.

        From the conservative Cato organization:

        PS: There are other states that keep track immigrants and crimes.

        1. walter smith Avatar
          walter smith

          Well, let me connect the dots for you.
          Larry posted the graph of country info. I suspect to show that there are many worse countries, and really having nothing to do with the discussion (other than perhaps to try to avert blame to his beloved carcass of a President). I noted that the implication was to not worry about murder because other countries are worse AND noted that many of those countries provide the “migrants” (illegal aliens and law-breakers in a sane world)are being admitted willy-nilly as official, illegal policy of the Biden administration.
          As to your CATO article, did you notice the illegal rate was higher than the legal rate? And, do you really think that they are catching all the illegals to make an accurate calculation? And, thank you for also proving the point…why is the natural American rate so high? Hmmmm? Predominantly, it is due to hellhole cities. And they are hellhole cities predominantly because of crime and poverty. And they have crime and poverty not just because of systemic racism, but because of bad life choices, which we subsidize. And the victims of these crimes, disproportionately committed by young black males, disproportionately hurts other blacks.
          The “success formula” is not a mystery – graduate from high school, get a job, get married, then have kids. It is time to quit kidding ourselves.

          1. And where did you go with that, I stand by what I said.

            Did you notice the crimes committed by illegal immigrants is HALF of that of native born citizens!

            And Walter follows with another rant without lots of adjectives and directives with little fact. What your definition of success is often not what successful people do.

            Advocating letting poor people starve is only going to make matters worse!

            The per capita homicide rates ARE very near or worse in some counties that of the top 10 cities. Cities exist almost universally in the US in one or two counties so we’re not skipping places.


            To me you’re continuing to lose credibility.

          2. walter smith Avatar
            walter smith

            Oh, I’m so terrified I’m losing credibility in your genius eyes!
            I did notice notice that about the illegal rate. And did you read my questions asking why the native rate was higher and also noting the legal immigrant rate was even lower? And do you really think all of the illegal rate is being accurately calculated? I kind of doubt it…
            Are you just a surrogate name for Larry to publish his inanity under a nom de plume? As to your county dodge of truth, how much do you want to bet that the problem will be overwhelmingly illegitimacy? I know…correlation does not equal causation….blah blah blah…but at some point you have to acknowledge reality. The only other factor which could take some of the blame away from illegitimacy is drug trade. Often the two are going together. Richmond had a big problem with that around 1990.
            Illegitimacy is the single biggest societal problem. We know that.

          3. LarrytheG Avatar

            Walter, you’re messed up on this.

            There are countries with worse murder stats AND there are countries with far less murders.

            And the correlation between murders and number of police and the tenor of the criminal justice system shows that some of the best countries with the lowest murder rates ALSO have low numbers of police and criminal justice/law & order.

            And some of the worst countries have uber police, even military and STILL have a LOT Of murders and violence.

            And in few of those other countries are there discussions of “Leftists” and “progressives” associated with the murder rate.

            This is the same old , same old Conservative law & order bogeyman politics.

            I’ve yet to see, from you or any other Conservative – data that shows a correlation between high numbers of police and criminal justice policies and lower rates of murder.

            It’s a nothing-burger.

          4. walter smith Avatar
            walter smith

            Larry – remember all the Covid vax injury denialism – correlation does not equal causation? How dare you ask for correlation!
            No one was making an argument about police. We were arguing about crime rates. Dick wants people to quit playing politics and acknowledge crime happens everywhere. It does. But it is made worse by stupid policies. Generally, those stupid polices are Democrat policies. Wait…I just gave you the correlation you asked for! Remember, correlation does not equal causation! Keep repeating so you can be willfully blind…

          5. LarrytheG Avatar

            what policies? got correlation with them?

  14. Matt Hurt Avatar
    Matt Hurt

    Very interesting- when I ran the correlation of murder rates to poverty rates, it seems that the poverty rate of states accounts for approximately 44% of the variation in murder rates. The 2019 datasets were the most up to date that I could download from the FBI site. I also ran the numbers comparing murder rates and median household incomes, but those correlations were far smaller.

    What is also interesting is that the most significant positive outlier (the state who has a much higher murder rate than would be expected per the poverty rate) was Maryland. The most significant negative outlier (the state who has a much lower murder rate than would be expected per the poverty rate) was West Virginia. These two states are neighbors. The most interesting thing about this to me is that Maryland has much more restrictive guns laws, and West Virginia’s are much more liberal.

    1. LarrytheG Avatar

      Awesome post Matt!

      I still think we have a curious perspective on murder in the US since murder is a worldwide phenomena but the rates vary widely and not at all according to the metrics we fixate on in the US.

    2. Lefty665 Avatar

      Interesting work. But, your granularity needs to be finer. Doing it at the state level obscures what is happening. Murders are occurring mostly in cities and in the poorer areas of cities. Instead of Maryland we need to see Baltimore. Instead of Missouri we need to see St. Louis. That will put a fine point on the correlation of poverty to murder that working at the state level diffuses.

      As an example Mayor Stoney recently opined that the majority of Richmond’s murders occurred in about 2% of the city.

    3. Dick Hall-Sizemore Avatar
      Dick Hall-Sizemore

      Good work, Matt. Thanks. This confirms my assumption that poverty was a leading factor in the murder rate, just like it is most other negative outcomes, such as in education and health.

      1. Matt Hurt Avatar
        Matt Hurt

        No the question is how to fix that. It seems that poverty has been with us throughout time, and even massive redistribution of wealth that began with (and has been expanded many times since) LBJ’s Great Society has not solved that problem. In fact, many of our proposals to fix poverty have had negative unintended consequences. For example, when I asked many of my students what they wanted to do when they grew up, they would tell me that they wanted to walk to the mailbox once a month to get their check. These payments have disincentivized gainful employment and contributing to the economy.

        Surely there are those who are legitimately unable to work, but what incentive is in place for government dolers of the public dollar to effectively sort out those who can and can’t work? Anecdotally, I know a bunch of folks who aren’t legitimately disabled who get their checks without any issue. I also know folks who are legitimately disabled who have to fight for their earned disability benefits (which they had paid into for years) regularly through the review process..

        Instead of throwing money at this problem (poverty), we really need folks from both sides of the aisle to be sequestered in a room in private to come up with a solution that both sides can get behind.

    4. Like your approach, limiting to cities ignores almost 15,000 law enforcement homicide reports from state and counties.

      Maryland has Baltimore but West Virginia? The largest 3 cities by population range from 30 to just under 50 thousand, but not sure which city has the highest homicide rate.

      State population is 1.8 million, between Houston 4th biggest city and Phoenix 5th population. so much lower population density. Ranks 35th in state pop density and if compared to county populations would rank 19th largest.

      Trivia; the lowest populated county in the country is Loving County, Texas pop. 57 (2021 Census), Texas has 254 counties.

      WV gun control is near as lax as possible.

      Only area of Maryland that is similar in density and people is their western panhandle.

  15. Dick’s analysis conflates two things: Current crime rates, which is, as noted by others, closely correlated with poverty rates, and changes in crime rates, which is tied to changes in media coverage, political rhetoric, and public policy. Yes, it is true that “red” states, especially those in the South, have higher crime rates. That is a function of the fact that Southern red states also have higher poverty rates and cultural proclivities toward violence, among both Whites and Blacks, not seen in other states. One can argue that Republicans’ tough-on-crime response is more appropriate and necessary in those states than in, say, Minnesota, where the population’s Scandinavian ancestors brought very different cultural traditions to this country.

    Dick’s analysis would be a lot more powerful if he could show that the crime rate in the past two years in “red” states and cities has increased to the same degree as elsewhere. But even then, he would have to demonstrate that national influences such as media coverage and political rhetoric were not also to blame.

    The left-of-center commenters on this blog might manage to persuade themselves that the rhetoric they adopt and the policies they pursue are not related in any way to the spike in violent crime, which has impacted Black communities disproportionately. I doubt they’ll be able to persuade the people actually living in those communities.

    1. Your point on cultural differences and their effect on crime rates is spot on. The black community is disproportionately represented in violent crime rates. The effect of current black culture on those rates is a topic that appears to be off limits. Any who explore it without promoting liberal solutions are charged with racism. We all suffer from this dishonest, one-sided discussion, but black America suffers more.

  16. In his soapbox, the OP states:
    Attempts to put a partisan spin on these issues do not hold up under scrutiny and do not contribute to an understanding of the problem.
    I agree.
    However, demonizing and punishing all members of a group for the actions of a very small minority is also counterproductive. I refer to the demonization of NRA members in particular and gun owners in general. With an estimated 80 million gun owners, the number of them who commit crimes is miniscule. Most studies show that violent crime is committed by a few repeat offenders. Yet, the current ‘solutions’ from one party rely heavily on applying Jim Crow tactics to impede and restrict the majority of law-abiding gun owners from exercising their constitutionally protected rights. It appears that crime is being used as an excuse to drive a political agenda, and begs whether that is a deliberate tactic.
    In any case, punishing the innocent is never morally justified, regardless how good you may think your intentions are.

    1. Not sure how gun control measures demonize NRA members, impact them sure. Might want to research the responses from gun owners versus NRA members to gun controls.

      Gun deaths be it from crimes or suicides is what is primarily driving calls from the public for gun control. Is there a differing view and emphasis by the political parties, sure.

      I will agree that the NRA’s lobbying, donations, internal problems, has painted them as one of the most distasteful lobbying organizations.

      1. Gun control measures demonize NRA members (and all gun owners) in the same way that poll taxes and literacy tests demonized blacks. They create a separate, but very unequal class, and are designed to impede the exercise of the right by that class.

        Note that I am not talking about crime control; i.e., punishing those who use guns to commit a crime. I am talking about gun control measures designed to make the exercise of a right expensive and difficult – Jim Crow tactics.

        1. Wow that’s as magical a thinking as people are only concerned about crime if it’s in a city.

          So guns are regulated, you should be delighted they’re not as regulated as driving and owning a car. There no re-registration renewals or insurance and you can’t be denied for failing a test. The regulations are the same for every one of age, political party, races, sexes, etc. The gun regulations apply equally to all, not a select group of people as Jim Crow was.

          It’s false that its one political party calling for more gun control as it is thinking there’s not gun owners joining the call. Perhaps if you’re not believing polls, does the fact police departments join the call for more control convince you there’s very broad support for more gun controls? I would also think the NRA would poll and share with their members issues like gun control.

          People are not demonized for voluntarily joining the NRA or choosing to buy a gun. Just as someone asking why you choose to do so doesn’t necessarily mean they disrespect, guns are of little use for most, in fact difficult to find a place to use in urbanized areas.

  17. Here’s an article on the failures of liberal anti-crime policies.

      1. In re broken windows, the issue is not as clear-cut nor as settled as you imply.

        If by defunded you mean totally eliminated the budget for police, then none; if you mean made significant cuts, reallocated funds and later restored the funding, there are several examples.

        Since you don’t defend the democrat policies mentioned, I’m not sure what your argument is. Are you saying that republicans had failed policies, so it’s ok for democrats to have failed policies?

        1. We can’t even agree on metrics to use. Are we trying to only solve crimes in the top 10 cities? Why are we looking only 2019-2021 where the last 2 years of data is not yet complete in terms types of intentional homicides. Was it drugs gangs, burglaries, domestic violence, or other.

          To see if examples of “broken window” type policies we’d likely need to include more years. Interesting though the homicide rate in NYC was considerably higher then with the windows policies under Giuliani it is now. Number of police per capita, doesn’t seem to be the problem (budget).

          Even if you eliminate those cities from the national homicide rate it’s not going to drop as much as you think.

        2. “Are you saying that republicans had failed policies, so it’s ok for democrats to have failed policies?”

          LOL, not at all, police policies tend to be non-partisan. For example parts of the “Broken Windows” work just not well for violent crimes/homicides. Police departments/administrations tend to pick and choose among different theories/ideas for what suits their needs. NYC is most often cited in studies for the “broken windows” approach, I have additional links with more information on what police department are doing or done.

          On defunding which, as you point out, really is reallocating. It does work and really isn’t entirely new. Communities have for many years added responsibilities to police that are or would have never been considered previously. Some communities in the last 5 years have for example supplemented the police replacing a second or third officer with a mental health specialist.

          Studies pay significant of the differences in police staffing in addition to policing approaches, the departments police per capita ratio. With personnel costs the largest portion of a even a mid-sized department’s budget a higher police per 100k will reflect adequacy of budget needs far more significantly than modest yearly variations (reallocating).

        3. “Are you saying that republicans had failed policies, so it’s ok for democrats to have failed policies?”

          LOL, if either had it figured out they wouldn’t refer to it as fighting crime!

          In reality most police departments use a blend of techniques in their programs to fight crime.

          Anyone worried about defunding I’m sure is keeping track of police forces size. Since personnel expenses is the largest item on most police budgets a comparison of police per capita is easily found. Some police departments have never been well funded.

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