The Trumpification of Bacon’s Rebellion

by Dick Hall-Sizemore

Rather than engage an opponent in reasoned debate, Donald Trump has a habit of conjuring up a derogatory nickname for that person and attacking in that way.

One aspect that attracted me to Bacon’s Rebellion a little more three years ago was the civility of the discourse and the willingness to engage in reasoned discussion and debate.  Absent was the almost ubiquitous name-calling that one found on Facebook and Twitter.

The subsequent resort to name-calling by some participants on this blog has been distressing.  It began about midway through the Northam administration.  I had hoped that when Northam left office, it would stop, but it has not.

It seems as if there is at least one instance every day.  These are some of the epithets thrown around in just the last week or so:

  • Coonman
  • Blackface
  • Bozo Biden
  • Slo Joe
  • Nonsense Nancy
  • Tall Man Bad
  • Little Red Lying Hood

C’mon guys!  This is the sort of language one would expect to hear on an elementary school playground.  Bacon’s Rebellion is bigger than that.