Out-of-State Money in Virginia’s Election

Source: Virginia Public Access Project

Once again, the Democratic Party candidate for governor excels in raising out-of-state money, according to data published by the Virginia Public Access Project. Democrat Terry McAuliffe has raised 48% of his $15.6 million in total donations from out-of-state contributors, compared to 26% of Glenn Youngkin’s $11.4 million haul.

The big outside money for McAuliffe comes mainly from New York  — 363 donors chipping in $1.4 million.

Youngkin’s biggest out-of-state contributors come from Texas — 99 donors and $790,000.

When it comes to in-state money, Youngkin enjoys a slight edge. Here are the key numbers:

Glenn Youngkin
Number of in-state contributors: 5,498
In-state donations: $8,549,691

Terry McAuliffe
Number of in-state contributors: 4,643
In-state donations: $8,115,700

Princess Blanding
Number of in-state contributors: 17
In-state donations: $13,100


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6 responses to “Out-of-State Money in Virginia’s Election”

  1. Wait, how can a royal participate in an election?

  2. how_it_works Avatar

    McAuliffe is running non-skippable ads on Youtube. My ad blocker on the laptop blocks all of them, but there is no such facility for a Roku.

  3. tmtfairfax Avatar

    Federal and state law should prohibit contributions across state lines, including those from PACs.

    1. I’m pretty libertarian about what people do with their own money, but I might be able to be convinced this is a good idea for state and local elections.

      1. tmtfairfax Avatar

        But, realistically, an election for a Member of Congress or a U.S. Senator is a local and state election. Gerry Connolly represents people in several localities in NoVA. Tim Kaine represents Virginians. Why should we allow people from Texas or Florida influence who represents people from Virginia? And vice versa?

  4. Nancy Naive Avatar
    Nancy Naive

    Kinda meaningless given the pockets on the candidates.

    Of course, if y’all didn’t give so much to the Cyber Ninjas, you could buy some ads… a whole lotta ads.

    Texas recount coming. “Tell us, Mr. Buckley, what’s the first thing you’ll do if elected?” “Demand a recount.”

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