Out-of-State Money in Virginia’s Election

Source: Virginia Public Access Project

Once again, the Democratic Party candidate for governor excels in raising out-of-state money, according to data published by the Virginia Public Access Project. Democrat Terry McAuliffe has raised 48% of his $15.6 million in total donations from out-of-state contributors, compared to 26% of Glenn Youngkin’s $11.4 million haul.

The big outside money for McAuliffe comes mainly from New York  — 363 donors chipping in $1.4 million.

Youngkin’s biggest out-of-state contributors come from Texas — 99 donors and $790,000.

When it comes to in-state money, Youngkin enjoys a slight edge. Here are the key numbers:

Glenn Youngkin
Number of in-state contributors: 5,498
In-state donations: $8,549,691

Terry McAuliffe
Number of in-state contributors: 4,643
In-state donations: $8,115,700

Princess Blanding
Number of in-state contributors: 17
In-state donations: $13,100