Dysfunction Junction

It’s a close call, but I’d say that Portsmouth now has edged out Charlottesville as the most dysfunctional city in Virginia. The latest news: former Portsmouth City Manager Angel Jones is threatening to file a lawsuit against the city. Not only does she allege wrongful termination, Jones cites “major crimes involving public corruption” among city officials, reports the Virginian-Pilot.

While Charlottesville’s turnstile in senior administrative posts seems to be driven by the gap between insane wokeism and reality, I don’t recall any charges of personal corruption. If Jones can back up her allegations, it would appear that Portsmouth combines insane wokeism with widespread corruption. That’s a terrifying combination.

We’ll update with details if they come available. — JAB 

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6 responses to “Dysfunction Junction”

  1. Super Brain Avatar
    Super Brain

    The 2022 Pittsylvania County Board of Supervisors could give Ringling Brothers a run for biggest clowns.

  2. walter smith Avatar
    walter smith

    Corruption? In Portsmouth?!?
    Say it ain’t so, Joe!

  3. LarrytheG Avatar

    Was gonna say… this happens. Yep… a shocker… been happening for 300+ years.

    Government is people. Not every person is all we’d want them to be. Some are bad. Some are dysfunctional. Some are all that and more.

    Dunno what drives JAB on this. Some sort of parable I think about liberals and dysfunction as if it does not happen with Conservatives or folks with last name Trump or McDonnell or (let me name some folks in the GA who done some wrong things).

    Geeze JAB – “stuff” happens…guy…

  4. Lefty665 Avatar

    In Portsmouth it’s hard to argue with someone whose first name is “Angel”. Long ago when I moved to Richmond from the billboards I began the think that “Impeach” was Earl Warren’s first name. It wasn’t, and maybe “Angel” isn’t.

    Portsmouth compared to Charlottesville is indeed a close call. Not sure how I’d rate malfeasance as in getting the Chief of Police to instruct the cops to “let them fight” so the Governor could shut down the rally as an illegal assembly, misfeasance in declaring 86% of their students “gifted” because equity, and the nonfeasance turnstyle compared to good old fashioned monetary corruption in Portsmouth.

    Don’t leave Richmond with its combination of maladies out of the running , or Petersburg for sheer incompetence or Fredericksburg for inability to run a school system. It’s a remarkable number of dysfunctional localities in a state that appears, at least on the surface, to have some virtues.

    1. James Wyatt Whitehead Avatar
      James Wyatt Whitehead

      This seems to be the normal now. Even here in Warrenton we have an Amazon scandal that makes you wonder why bother voting at all.

      1. The data center based graft and corruption in Prince William makes Warrenton look like rank amateurs.

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