Data of the Day: Lusting for Luxury Lifestyles

Virginia scores 8th nationally in the frequency of Google searches for “luxury,” “luxury cars,” “Luxury goods,” “luxury travel,” and “luxury apartments,” according to Chrono24, the maker of luxury watches. The fascination with luxury goods appears to be mainly an East Coast phenomenon, with New York topping the list. Lest you think that the metric of luxury-goods searches is a proxy for per-capita income, consider that Mississippi appears third on the list. As a Chrono24 spokesman noted, “It is important to realize that having an interest in luxury living is different from actual living a life of luxury.”

The fascination with luxury eludes me. I subscribe to the philosophy of living within your means. In my case, living within my means rules out driving BMWs, wearing gold-plated watches, and sojourning in 5-star resorts. I don’t spend a lot of time drooling over things I cannot have. Similarly, I’m not remotely interested in the lives of the rich and famous, especially those who think that the ostentatious display of luxury will give purpose and meaning to their existence.


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8 responses to “Data of the Day: Lusting for Luxury Lifestyles”

  1. James McCarthy Avatar
    James McCarthy

    Perspective could sharpen your luxury appetite. For one thing, how many respondents constitute the data? The distribution of “100” scores is puzzling. Chrono24 advised that inquiring about luxuries is not the same as choosing them or living within means. The motto of NYS is Excelsior, ever upward, a companion to the American dream.

    1. Nancy Naive Avatar
      Nancy Naive

      I should think the fewer searches might mean they already have such…

    1. from Professor Longhair’s version of Junco Partner:

      When he had
      Plenty of money
      He had friends
      All over town
      Since he been broke, down and busted
      Not a single
      Friend can be found

      1. Nancy Naive Avatar
        Nancy Naive

        Brother can you spare a buck? (inflation)

      2. Here it is. Not sure why I couldn’t find it earlier:

  2. First, nice double-alliteration in the title.

    Second, a minor correction: Chrono24 is not a maker of luxury watches, they are a seller of luxury watches.

    Third, gold and gold-plated watches are far too flashy (in my opinion) and they damage fairly easily because gold is a soft metal). I recommend high-quality stainless steel. It costs less, looks better (in my opinion), and doesn’t show wear anywhere near as much as gold.

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