American Kids Are Flabby. It Isn’t Because Of Climate Change.

by Kerry Dougherty

Just when you thought the world’s climate clowns couldn’t get any zanier there’s this:

Yep, these loons are now blaming America’s flabby, sedentary and out-of-shape children on global warming.

CBS is reporting that an article in the journal “Temperature” – looks like my copy of this “scientific” rag didn’t arrive this month – blames sizzling temperatures for children staying indoors and eating Doritos all day. They’re 30% less aerobically fit than their parents, according to this scholarly piece that goes on to blame hot summer temperatures for the kids’ refusing to venture outside.

Have they ever met a child? Many of these butterbutts don’t go outdoors in spring, fall or winter either.

Their parents won’t let them go anywhere alone, plus they’re tethered to their electronics. A terrible combination.

I grew up in the ‘50s and ‘60s when almost no one in America had air conditioning. We played outside in extreme heat just as the kids in Mississippi and Louisiana did. We sweated in summer and slept on top of the sheets at night with fans blowing on our skinny bodies.

Look at school photos from those decades and play find-the-fat-kid.

You can’t.

In fact, the kids we THOUGHT were fatties back then would be considered lean today.

Besides being forced to play outside unless there was a thunder storm, here are a few of the things we DIDN’T have to keep us home and putting on the pounds:

Video games, cellphones, color TVs, DVDs, movies-on-demand, bottomless glasses of soda, stuffed crust pizza, double-stuff Oreos.

Dessert was a once-in-a while treat, but calories didn’t matter when you’ve spent the entire day riding your bike, playing softball or fishing in the lake.

On top of our modern calorie-dense, nutrition-starved American diets, blue-state governors did their best to turn children into mouth-breathing zombies during Covid lockdowns.

They closed schools, playgrounds, pools, YMCA’s and youth sports. Then, with teachers’ unions demanding schools stay closed, kids were propped in front of computers all day in virtual classes. Some kids didn’t walk more than a few steps – the distance from their bedrooms to the refrigerator – for 18 months.

So now these same house plants are obese and can’t run the 100-yard dash?

Is anyone surprised? Their embarrassing condition has NOTHING to do with climate change, and everything to do with lazy lifestyles, addiction to electronics and Covid restrictions.

Nice try, though, lefties.

This column has been republished with permission from Kerry: Unemployed & Unedited.