A Pedophile By Any Other Name

by Kerry Dougherty

Remember Allyn Walker, the ODU assistant professor who was indignant last fall because pedophiles get such a bad rap?

We wrote several posts about Walker, who prefers we use the much more pleasant euphemism “minor-attracted person” to describe perverts who are sexually attracted to children.

If you thought Walker was alone in this sort of twisted thinking, you were wrong.

Get a load of Miranda Galbreath, a licensed professional counselor who works with prisoners for the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections.

Cruz is right. This is not OK. It will never be OK.

In a longer version of this video Galbreath uses the same inane line that Walker did when claiming that just because someone is attracted to kids doesn’t mean they’ve acted on those urges.

YET, I would add. They haven’t acted yet. Or they simply haven’t been caught.

And every single person who’s raped a kid thought about it first.

Worse, there is a small, but militant movement in the country determined to treat pedophilia as just another harmless wrinkle in human sexuality. Some of us are attracted to the opposite sex, some to the same sex and some to little kids, Galbreath claims.

Oh please.

Homosexuals and heterosexuals do not want to hurt children. Blurring the line between the behaviors of consenting adults and a mental illness that results in lusting after children is a repulsive attempt at moral equivalency.

Those of us who believe that being sexually aroused by children is sick and that children should be protected from such freaks are being “judgmental” says Galbreath. We’re vilifying these fine folks, she says.

So be it.

How long until the correct term for someone who’s sexually attracted to children — pedophile — is labeled “hate speech”?

It’s coming. Just wait.

Bear in mind that as an employee of the Pennslvania Department of Corrections, according to her LinkedIn profile, Galbreath is presumably paid with tax dollars. That means hard-working, normal Pennsylvanians are paying her salary to counsel prisoners.

They ought to be outraged and perhaps they are by now. Galbreath posted this video on July 24th. It’s just beginning to go viral. Last I checked it had 855,000 views.

The woke left refuses to leave American children alone.

Normal Americans need to wake up and protect the most innocent members of society from these deviants and perverts.

This column has been republished with permission from Kerry: Unemployed & Unedited.