Your Yeeh-hah Jihad, Bacon’s Rebellion, is Here!

The June 26, 2006, edition of Bacon’s Rebellion is now available online. Articles and columns include:

Gottschalk Got Game
Virginia’s new secretary of commerce and trade is eager to help Tim Kaine put his own imprint on Virginia’s economic development policy. Likely starting points: energy and workforce development.
by James A. Bacon

Ip, Ip Hooray!
Virginia is conducting a 180-degree turn in its approach toward intellectual property originating at state universities. Lighter central control could stimulate more commercialization of R&D.
by Doug Koelemay

A New Political Laboratory
The days are gone when Virginia politics were of local interest only. Campaign themes and strategies in the Old Dominion are increasingly visible on the national stage.
by Patrick McSweeney

It’s Never Enough
Even the next two-year budget, at $74 billion, isn’t big enough to satisfy some legislators. Spending discipline isn’t likely to be restored as long as Republicans are divided.
by Patrick McSweeney

The Free Ride is Over
The General Assembly paid lip service this year to the transportation-land use connection but it didn’t come close to Fundamental Change. Until it does, Virginia’s mobility crisis will only get worse.
by E M Risse

Envision This!
What the “Washington region” needs is not another visioning session — it needs a rational definition of the region, an understanding of the nature of its problems and the political will to enact real change.
by E M Risse

Failure is OK – When It’s Cheap
Virginia’s transportation system is a mess. But with state spending hitting $74 billion, up 20 percent, in the next two-year budget, Virginia government can hardly be described as cheap.
by Geoffrey Segal

Dumb as Rocks
If the “fiscal conservatives” in the House of Delegates think they held the line against spending in the state’s new $74 billion budget, John Chichester’s epithet may well be justified.
by Phillip Rodokanakis

Why Not Webb?
Senatorial candidate Jim Webb exerts a strong, gut appeal for many Republican constituencies. He could give Sen. George Allen a good run for his money.
by James Atticus Bowden

Want Students to Learn?
Try Enforcing Truancy Laws.
The city of Richmond has among the worst attendance records of any Virginia school system — and is doing very little about it.
by John Butcher

Nice & Curious Questions
Behind Bars: Virginia’s Jails and Prisons
by Edwin S. Clay III and Patricia Bangs

Caught in the Webb: Lowell Feld
by Conaway Haskins

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