You Must Be Joking

The RTD reports today that the city of Richmond will PAY the Redskins about $250,000 for having summer camp in the city. Is this true or did the newspaper publish the April Fools edition a month early?

— Les Schreiber

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7 responses to “You Must Be Joking”

  1. Our Supervisors in Loudoun County have made the county pay for a similar joke over many years now. First we paid about $500k to keep the Redskins’ training camp here, and then, when it left for Richmond, we still pay several hundred thousand to keep the Redskins’ corporate headquarters here. To compensate, the Board has cut funds for our Drug Court and other social services. Of course. First things first!

  2. Cville Resident Avatar
    Cville Resident

    “Economic Development” in Richmond is a joke. The Redskins farce is a cherry on top.

    What’s beyond comment is the Stone “project.” I don’t care if you’re private or public….probably not a great idea to announce such a project if you don’t have the land necessary for the “deal”! I was baffled to read about that. How do you make that huge public announcement without having those details worked out?

  3. TooManyTaxes Avatar

    Still cheaper than the cost of building a fourth Metro station in front of former Fairfax County BoS chairman Gerry Connolly’s then employer’s HQ building in Tysons. Tax dollars should be rarely used for any economic development effort and then only in blighted areas. This is one more absurd government action!

  4. Los Angeles is spending billions to build a new football stadium for a team that doesn’t exist. Meanwhile, Dan Snyder is hanging out with Tom Cruise and other Hollywood half-wits. Long suffering Redskins fans suffer through year after year of losing records knowing that Snyder will probably live another 50 years. The City of Richmond and Loudoun County pay Snyder to keep his consistently awful team in place.

    The path forward is clear. Let’s wish Dan Snyder and the Redskins God’s speed in their move to LA. Cancel all contracts with the Redskins.

    There will be a new team that comes along – an expansion team or a move from somewhere like Jacksonville. We’ll all sing the praises of the new Washington Monuments football team just like the good people of Baltimore cheer on their Ravens. Or perhaps we follow the Vikings and have the Virginia Vultures (named in honor of Dominion Resources) as the state’s team.

  5. Economic development deals like the Redskins are a sign of intellectual bankruptcy. The people in charge at City Hall equate “economic development” with real estate development, which equates to doing deals that garner headlines. They have no idea of how to help create sustainable competitive advantage for Richmond businesses in the knowledge economy.

    1. For what it’s worth, I haven’t seen that county officials are any more enlightened.

  6. Joel Katz Avatar

    How proud should I be that our poor community is subsidizing a billionaire who has his millionaire players run drills for 3 weeks here?
    How many “monorails” can Richmond chase?

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