You Know What Really Bugs Me?

Open store doors in the middle of winter, that’s what bugs me!

I walked through Stony Point mall the other night. It was about 30 degrees outside, and a number of retailers kept their doors wide open. I suppose that’s supposed to be more enticing to customers. I find it ridiculous. What a waste — a waste of money, a waste of energy and a small but utterly useless waste of finite resources. Not to mention, a contribution to global warming, too. Just call me Scrooge!

Retailers be forewarned: There is at least one customer who will steer clear of your establishment if you keep your doors wide open. (Of course, I’d probably steer clear anyway. I hate shopping. But I could deal out some real damage if I could persuade my wife to do the same!)

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4 responses to “You Know What Really Bugs Me?”

  1. Lucy Jones Avatar

    I agree!

    Is there no sympathy for COLD, tired feet?

    All the more reason for!

  2. Anonymous Avatar

    My ususal experience is that during holiday shopping the stores are far too warm. Could it be that the crush of bodies and all those lights raises the temperature in the store, and that the cost effective way to moderate the temperature and provide enough ventilation is just to leave the doors open?

  3. Anonymous Avatar

    I agree with anonymous that stores are too warm, but that’s probably because I’m wearing my huge down coat to walk from the parking lot in the frigid air. Leaving the doors open and wasting energy is NOT the answer.

  4. The Jaded JD Avatar
    The Jaded JD

    Those open freezer/refrigerated display cases in the grocery stores always annoy me, for the same reason.

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