Yes, We Know Something Is Wrong

Apologies again to readers. Our blog hosting service has been misbehaving since yesterday. For three hours yesterday, the blog was down. It came back up, but for some unfathomable reason, visitors cannot clickthrough to finish reading articles or see comments. I have no idea what is wrong. There may be a connection to the unprecedented volume of traffic we’ve experienced in the past few days (a good thing), but we don’t know that to be a fact. Our host provider is looking into it.

Thanks for your patience. Please check back later and finish reading the posts.

Update: We’re still working on some things on the administrative side, but looks like the user experience has been restored. Let us know if you experience any problems.


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13 responses to “Yes, We Know Something Is Wrong

  1. Ah ha! Now that was interesting.

  2. Still broken. But I can at least see the article when logged in now. But I see no comments.

  3. Comments don’t show up here, but they can be seen on the WordPress Dasboard.

  4. Chrome gave me a popup saying that there was a data breach on this site and suggested I change my password. And now my comment here is the only one that shows up…after I changed my password. Maybe the solution is to change your password??

    • Hello. Not the only

      • Upon further investigation, Chrome was apparently warning me that my password used on this site (which I had used elsewhere a long time ago; never changed it in years till now) had been compromised *somewhere*. But not necessarily here.

        • It’s not you. For some reason, the WordPress dasboard told me the following for this site.
          Brute force attack protection
          Blocked malicious login attempts

          And that Jetpack and WordPress needs to be updated.

  5. Things are working much better now, but I still cannot see all comments.

  6. Jim,

    I keep getting these two messages with this site:

    WordPress 5.5.1 is available! Please notify the site administrator


    Jetpack requires a more recent version of WordPress and has been paused. Please update WordPress to continue enjoying Jetpack.

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