The Wonk Salon: April 11, 2011

I’m filing this a day late. My apologies. From now on, I will list only those Wonk Salon entries that I have not otherwise highlighted on Bacon’s Rebellion with their own blog posts.

Free the Schools

Heritage Foundation

The federal involvement in K-12 education has been a budget-busting disaster. It’s time to re-think the federal role in education.

How to Get Good Teachers and Principals
Center for American Progress
Congress should use its funding “more strategically” to prod/goad/bribe states and local governments to develop a cadre of good teachers and school principals.

Who Purchases Long-Term Insurance?
Urban Institute
What a surprise — more affluent Americans purchase long-term care insurance. The rest, presumably, are counting on good fortune or Uncle Same to take care of them.

Why Manufacturing Matters
Center for American Progress
Manufacturing is still a pillar of the United States economy. We under-estimate its value at our peril.

Does the U.S. Need Foreign Teachers?
Center for Immigration Studies
The H-1B visa system is being used increasingly to hire foreign teachers, taking away opportunities for American teachers.

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