With Fiscal Conservatives Like These, Who Needs Liberals?

The House of Delegates has posed as an outpost of fiscal conservatism on the basis of its (rightful) opposition to raising taxes at a time the state budget is running a chronic budget surplus. But there’s no disguising the fact that the General Fund budget in fiscal 2007-2008 will be about 11 percent bigger than the budget in 2005-2006.

As the Jaded JD points out in his blog, the delegates have not exactly been paragons of spending restraint. JD enumerates a long laundry list of earmarks and spending amendments proposed by House tax hawks. Writes the Jaded One:

If you add together all the budget amendments proposed by the House conferees (excluding fund transfers), you might expect to see a net reduction in the budget, based on House Republican rhetoric. Alas, no. Total increase from the House budget conferees? $1.926B (that’s billion) over the biennium.

Scary, huh? These are the guys we’re counting on to restrain state spending. I shudder to think what spending would look like if the Senate had its way.

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One response to “With Fiscal Conservatives Like These, Who Needs Liberals?”

  1. Anonymous Avatar

    At the end of the day, it wouldn’t be much different if the Senate had its way. As has been noted before, the problem isn’t just the politicians — they do it in response to the people standing in their offices with their hands out. We have no one to blame but ourselves.

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