Asian Family Values

Data source: Virginia Department of Social Services

A few days ago I posted data showing that “Asians” in Virginia are a diverse group whose country of origin include India, Pakistan, China, Vietnam, Korea, the Philippines and many other nations. Some groups are very well-to-do, some middling. But none, regardless of the circumstances of how they arrived here, are poor.

In the past, I have attributed part of the superior educational and income performance of “Asians” to the strong, family-oriented culture of the diverse immigrant groups lumped into that broader racial classification. Recently, while poking around Virginia adoption data, I have uncovered one measure of how Asian family values make life better for children.

While “Asians” constitute more than 5.5% of Virginia’s population, only 8 of 1,751 children in Virginia’s foster care system are classified as up for adoption. That’s less than one half of a percent — or less than one-tenth the rate of the non-Asian population. In the pie chart above, Asian children are visible only as a sliver.

Children enter the foster care system when they have been abused or neglected. While some Asian children of Tiger Moms might complain about the stress of high expectations, they aren’t being beaten, starved, or sexually assaulted, as happens all too often in other ethnicities. “Asians” in Virginia have done a better job raising their children, at least as measured by this metric of social pathology.

What is the reason? Are “Asians” unique? Or have these groups just not resided long enough in the United States to fully absorb our corrosive culture? Will future generations of “Asians” be as dysfunctional as other Americans? We’ll see.

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  1. I know its getting late in life for you, Jim, but would you like us to find you a Tiger Mom?

  2. To: Asian-Americans
    From: Liberals
    Subject: Lack of conformance with principles of white privilege

    Dear Asian-Americans:

    It has come to our attention that you are succeeding by almost every measure in American society. Your children attain the highest educational outcomes, your median family income is higher than any other racial class of Americans (including whites!), your children are almost never relegated to foster homes. The list goes on.

    Please stop! The US lib-prog community has spent decades propping up the theory of white privilege. Under this theory only white people can succeed in American society because white people have “rigged the game” for themselves. Obviously, the success of Asian-Americans calls this theory into question.

    If you continue your shameful successes we will have to shut down the white privilege seminars on college campuses. Worse yet, we will have to acknowledge that hard work and family values still lead to success in America. There is even a chance that other minority groups along with white Americans will see Asian-Americans as an example of success in society. Obviously this would be bad news for Democrats in general and liberalism in particular.

    Thank you.

    Chuck Shumer and Nancy Pelosi

  3. Asian values explain why Asians make up over 66% of students at the elite public school in Fairfax County, Thomas Jefferson high school for science and technology, (known as TJ in NOVA). They come from two parent families where education and hard work are stressed. Remember when the majority of Americans had those values?

    • Too true. Growing up on Huntington Ave I still get to see a lot of my high school classmates. Some are doctors, some lawyers, some military heroes, some drifting and barely getting by, some in prison. By and large the difference wasn’t race or social-economic standing, it was whether the parents of the kids played a pivotal role in their young lives or not. Kids who grew up in the trailer parks went to med school, kids who grew up in expensive sub-divisions went to Mecklenburg. Money matters but a strong parent or strong parents can mean a whole lot more than money.

  4. So, why do Asians vote for Democrats? Their values do not align.

    • Tell that to Harvard.

    • I will take the family values of Barack Obama over those of Newt Gingrich and Donald Trump any day of the week.

      • So would I, in spades. Why the difference? Very complicated interwoven, Gordian Knot of a question. Individual genetics? Personality type? Growing up experiences? Cultural influences? Group dynamics? Politics? Who knows? Nobody really. Except for sure, skin color, or eye shape got nothing to do with it, despite how Harvard or other elite universities may act.

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