There seems to be an intentional attempt on this blog to distort EMR’s views of governance and the achievement of Fundamental Transformation in human settlement pattern, governance structure and the global economic structure.

Darrell – Chesapeake dismisses EMR as just another socialist.

Larry Gross somewhere got the idea that it will require a philosopher king to manage society. He has not bothered to read THE ESTATES MATRIX.

Nova Middle Man recently said:

“EMR and You (Jim Bacon) seem to have similar goals but totally different ways of getting there. EMR’s plans only work with massive government regulation. Am I missing something?”


“EMR probably would want 100% control in the typical liberal elite I know best mentality. In reality what would this look like.”

Where does this foolishness come from?

Not from anything we have written. Not from any lecture we have delivered. The primary source of this foolishness appears to stem from readers not understanding the Fundamental Transformation means FUNDAMENTAL TRANSFORMATION.

Since inquiry is part of a chapter we will be editing soon and we have not specifically addressed this issue before in this forum we will try to summarize:

Management at the Cluster scale is critically important since the Cluster is largest organic component with realistic potential to have effective direct democracy. This observation is base on years of Community management experience and on the study of group dynamics as well as the physical constraints of meeting space that is available at times and in locations when all the citizens of a Cluster can assemble.

So that means at least 2-million “leaders” and if there is any delegation of responsibility about 10-million.

The New Urban Region is the smallest Organic Component of human settlement that can achieve sustainability (and may also be the largest but that is another issue). To lead New Urban Regions, citizens need thousands of “leaders.” There are also Subregions and Urban Support Regions so let us say there is a need another 250,000 to manage at the Regional scale.

Above the New Urban Region – MegaRegions, nation-states, trading-blocks, continental and global scales there are many who would like the have roles. These are the one now hears about as “leaders” but they should have worked up through to ranks and they should be among those already tabulated.

Of course there are more than just Agencies in need of leadership. Many Enterprises and Institutions will be managed by those who also participate in the governance structure. The difference between now and a sustainable future is that in 24-7 Sunlight, everyone will know of the multiple roles and the conflicts can be eliminated.

At the other end of the spectrum of Organic Components is the Unit occupied by the Household. It is clear that to be a functional Household there must be at least one informed “leader.” If part of Household activity is to raise children there need to be at least two. So there is another 130-million more or less leaders.

The Dooryard, Neighborhood, Village scales components need leaders too but almost all will also be among those already identified.

So far we are up to 140,250,000 leaders. In a true democracy everyone has a vote so even those who are not in a leadership position at any given time role have a say.

So where is the central committee, the philosopher king or the liberal elite? Pure fantasy on the part of those who do not want to understand Fundamental Transformation.

Will such a system work? So far the field tests say yes – if citizens understand their role and take responsibility for their actions.

There need be no central committee and no philosopher king. No liberal elite, no pseud-conservative Belief Tank, no Tri-lateral commission, no messiah, no caliph, no dictator, no Darth Vader. Just citizens making informed decision in the market and in the voting booth.

As we suggest in posts over the last three months that focused on achieving a sustainable trajectory for civilization, creating an AntiParty and the upcoming change of administration – for example “Thanksgiving Perspective”:

The problem citizens face is massive over expectation that any one person or the team any one person assembles can “solve the problem.”

Larry Gross again:

“But EMR has failed repeatedly and miserably IMHO to lay out a clear and articulate path for citizens to understand what a Balanced Community is (and is not) – and what changes they should support via elections and referendum and current development proposals (like Tysons) to move in that direction.”

No, Larry, you have failed “repeatedly and miserably” to bother to read what EMR has written on these topics. For some reason you expect that every time a question occurs (or reoccurs) to you, that EMR has the obligation to drop everything and try to again answer it. That is especially a problem when you appear to only listen / read / understand what supports you preconceived notions which lack a comprehensive Conceptual Framework or a Vocabulary to articulate that framework.

That is why a sustainable trajectory requires hundreds of millions of citizens who are ‘responsible’ and informed so democracy and the market can work.

So far Jim Bacon is the only one who has grasp just how profound “Fundamental Transformation” – in settlement patterns, governance structure and economic systems – must be to obtain a sustainable trajectory.

The central tragedy is that the market and the vast majority of citizens indicated that they WANT that change but are thwarted by those who now benefit from special privileges under the existing system.

That is exactly what Niccolo M. said thwarted change…


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2 responses to “WHO IS IN CONTROL?”

  1. Anonymous Avatar

    Where does this foolishness come from? Ever go back and read your own stuff? Like the famous line about funding our schools by confiscating the profits of the entertainment and advertising industries?

    Sorry, I have to agree with Larry:

    “EMR has failed repeatedly and miserably IMHO to lay out a clear and articulate path for citizens to understand what a Balanced Community is (and is not)….” and I would add that EMR hasn’t shown what his ideas would cost, or to whom the costs would fall, or how they might be paid for, other than confiscating profits.

    All I can tell you is that on the other blogs I contribute to, I don’t get the same kind of anonymous personal attacks or deliberate snubs I get here. When I get advice, I generally consider the advice rther than attack the giver as an ignoramus.

    I agree that balance is an admiral goal, and that it will save energy. I just think it encompasses a lot more features than you aknowledge. Balance is a dynamic condition that requires constant adjustment, not a rigid formula. Balance requires a constant input of energy and money that has to come from somewhere, and frequently that somewhere is far outside the urban area or even the urban support area.

    I suggest that all the contributors are asing for is a little more discussion about what is really feasible, and achievable, as opposed to EMR desirable.


  2. well I was perhaps a little harsh in my assessment of EMR but I did (and do) think that much discussion has take place in on both settlement patterns and Tysons Corner

    … and it seemed to me that TMT and others had expressed some concern about how a Tysons proposal work “work”

    ..and it seemed to me to be an real opportunity for EMR to use Tysons to demonstrate some things that citizens could advocate for and some things that citizens could point out would not be beneficial –

    all from the point of view of a more “balanced” community….

    I’m not expecting EMR to jump every time a question is asked but given the huge output of words from him… on his favorite subject.. I would have hoped he would have been so inclined to use Tysons – to his advantage…in advocating for fundamental transformation.

    Tysons seems to be a battle between competing forces.. some of whom ..claim to be advocates of Smart Growth….

    I just felt that EMR’s answer to TMT with respect to TMT’s query about Balanced communities – in the context of Tysons.. was an opportunity for EMR to demonstrate at least A path – for Tysons…

    In other words.. enough of the rants of the collapse of society and civilization as we know it if we do not change.. and let’s get with how to change… and let’s take Tysons as a test case. Why not?

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