Where’s Waldo? In the State Capitol.

The usual criticism of blogs is that they are parasites on the Mainstream Media, that they do little original reporting. We’ve done our best to dispel that stereotype here at Bacon’s Rebellion, doing original reporting in the Road to Ruin project, as well as for the column in the Bacon’s Rebellion e-zine.

Now comes Waldo Jaquith, who has dared do something that we have not — actually attend the General Assembly and report directly on the proceedings. Waldo spent Friday blogging from the state capitol. Visit his blog, scroll down to his Feb. 2 posts, and give him encouragement.

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One response to “Where’s Waldo? In the State Capitol.”

  1. Waldo Jaquith Avatar
    Waldo Jaquith

    Thanks for that shout-out, Jim. I’ve gone every week since the session began, and I’ll go once a week until it’s done. But I have to admit that my primary motivation in doing so is to convince other bloggers to do the same.

    It’s kind of like the earliest days of political blogging in Virginia; it was fun, but it clearly would have been more fun if lots of other people were doing it, too. (And so it is!)

    I see Claire at the GA every time I go there. The rest of y’all should visit and blog about it. I think we can do a lot to help people realize how important and accessible state government really is.

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