Where Has All the Ozone Gone?

This summer has been hotter than the hinges of hell, yet here in Richmond I don’t think we’ve had any ozone alert days.

Have all our environmental and pollution prevention efforts paid off? Or are ozone alerts a function of chance atomospheric conditions that just aren’t present this summer?

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(comments below)


  1. Anonymous Avatar

    A major concentration around Winchester these days, and an outbreak at the Greenbrier over the weekend. It will thicken up around Labor Day statewide.

  2. Tropical air is keeping ozone at bay in Richmond, but I do not think anyone wants another Isabel.

  3. Ray Hyde Avatar
    Ray Hyde

    When I moved to DC there was seldom a summer day when you could view the Monument from around Glebe Road. Now ther is seldom a day when you can’t view the Monument from that distance, absent an interfering high-rise.

    Maybe EMR is right.

  4. Ray Hyde Avatar
    Ray Hyde

    We should be celebrating ozone, It is oxygen plus 50%.

  5. subpatre Avatar

    “… major concentration around Winchester…”
    Not necessarily concentrations, just the only places there are ozone sensors. EPA sensors are arbitrarily distributed throughout the country.

    The situation in Frederick County prompted the formation of Shenair, a coalition of northern Valley (PDC)jurisdictions; in part to establish “a scientific basis for decision makers”.

    Of interest is that ozone’s also naturally produced from sunlight and conifers: pines and spruces. Naturally produced ozone is what gave the Blue Ridge Mountains their name, because ozone has a blue color.

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