When Democrats and Republicans Agree…

From the Warren Sentinel:

Virginia officials want the state removed from an energy corridor that gives control of electricity to the federal government.

This week, Gov. Timothy Kaine and Attorney General Bob McDonnell filed a petition with the U.S. Department of Energy to rethink the 15 Virginia counties included in a
Mid-Atlantic National Interest Electric Transmission Corridor.

The existence such a corridor would allow the federal government to override a decision by the Commonwealth of Virginia not to grant eminent domain to Dominion for the purpose of build a high-voltage transmission line across the Shenandoah Valley and northern piedmont.

It’s nice to see that Ds and Rs can cooperate when it comes to protecting Virginia’s prerogatives of self governance.

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(comments below)


8 responses to “When Democrats and Republicans Agree…”

  1. Anonymous Avatar

    And a hat tip to PEC members and other organizations that ran a well organized letter writing campaign, and other efforts, at both the state and federal levels.


  2. Larry Gross Avatar
    Larry Gross

    gawd… I just sprayed my wine across the room… ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Anonymous Avatar

    See what happens when you make observations, instead of wishtognications?

    You don’t get surprised nearly as often.

    Anyway, they did a good job at what they do. I still think they are barking up the wrong tree.


  4. Anonymous Avatar

    Wishtognication: prognosticating what you wish for, instead of what you can see is happening.

    See, I have a glossary, too.


  5. Larry Gross Avatar
    Larry Gross

    so…have you become a due-paying member? ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Anonymous Avatar

    Not a chance.

    They do a good job at what they do, unfortunately it is almost all the wrong things, in my opinion.

    They’ve got one sheet of music and their answer to every problem is the same old song. It has grown old and bitter.

    When they stop talking about my property as “our resources” or at least admit the two have some connection, then I’ll put them in the bag with the rest of my bills.

    The way I work it is, I put all the bills ina bag, I pull them out one at a time until I run out of money. If you bug me, you don’t get in the bag.

    In a recent article posted on the PEC Website PEC quotes Bob Lee, head of VOF in praising Clarke Counties Easement program.

    All the quotes given are true, as far as they go. And that is the problem for me. They are half truths, which is tantamount to a lie.

    I seriously doubt if PEC has any idea how badly their pap goes down, among people other than the elite. I commonly and frequently hear of them referred to as “PECcers”.

    So, the first time they ask me how they can help, instead of telling me how I can help, we can have a conversation.

    Until then, I’ll sit back and watch them pull off another great victory – like Disney.

    Besides, they have contributed to so much damage to me, I haven’t got squat to give back.



  7. Virginia’s Hidden Advantage – Flexible Labor Rules.

    Virginia’s Hidden Disadvantage – No electricity.

    Which one do you think will turn out be more important?

    NIMBY PECers are elitist. They want your money but not your electric power lines.

    Let’s hope the feds show some sense here. They can reject Virginia’s selfish petition, let Virginia’s political hucksters save face and provide power to the US economy so that we can afford NIMBY PECers.

  8. Anonymous Avatar

    Well said.

    If the NIMBY PECers would help me provide some power to MY economy, I might be able to contribute, and inclined to.

    As it is they want your money and the the use of your resources, but not your power lines, your neighbors, your jobs, or anything else that might remotely diminish their pleasure in what they have earned through the power of the U.S. Economy.

    I don’t see how they expect to win any friends in my league, if they are bent on preventing us from becoming elitist NIMBY PECers.


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