What’s In the Water in PWC?

Sometimes you’ve got to wonder what kind of impression Virginians are making on the world. If it’s not Abuser Fees snagging national headlines, it’s what you read on the front page of the Wall Street Journal. Just today, two Virginians, both from Prince William County, figure prominently in separate articles.

Bundling up for Hillary. Pamela Layton, a resident of the Bristow community, donated $4,600 to Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign in March, the Journal reports. That’s quite generous for someone who says, “I don’t even like Hillary. I’m a Republican.” It turns out that Layton works for William Danielcyzk, founder of a “Washington-area private firm” (apparently McLean-based Galen Capital Corp.) and a major Clinton fund-raiser. The money she donated was not her own, Layton says. She says Danielcyzk reimbursed her husband and her. Danielcyzk denies the allegation.

If the charges are true, it looks like we have a Norman Hsu-scale scandal brewing, and Northern Virginia is at the eye of the storm.

Theological Offshoring. The Rev. John Gurnsey, pastor of the All Saints’ Church in Woodbridge, has been anointed an Episcopalian bishop — by the Anglican Church of Uganda. Although Gurnsey accepts the idea that women can serve as ministers — his wife is one — he takes issue with the Episcopal church’s disregard for Old Testament teachings castigating homosexuality. In that regard, he shares a lot in common with the traditional-minded Anglican churches of Africa. Like many socially conservative Episcopalians, he is looking to the African church for identity and support.

Whatever one thinks about the gays-as-ministers debate, we can take consolation in one thing: The idea that a Virginia minister would seek theological legitimacy from an African church leader would have been utterly unthinkable a generation ago. Racial identity among social conservatives in Virginia seems to figure a lot less prominently these days than it does to race hustlers like Jesse Jackson, who has just accused Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama of “acting white.”

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3 responses to “What’s In the Water in PWC?”

  1. Jim:

    PWC is now competitive with Arlington on the whacky – meter.

    You didn’t even mention the whole nationally televised effort to restrict benefits to illegal aliens or the Help Save Manassas people.

    There’s also the PWC politician suing the Black Velvet Bruce Li blogger. As I understand it the politician was so bothered by the comments on that blog that he missed the filing deadline in his angst.

    Fairfax County may have 5 times the people of PWC but we clearly only have about 1/2 the fun.

    And yes – all this “acting out” on the national news makes Virginia look bad. Of course, nothing that PWC could do would compete with Michael “Who Let the Dogs Out” Vick.

    It’s been a strange 3 – 4 months here in the Commonwealth.

  2. Anonymous Avatar

    Yeah – wonder what the rock-ribbed Virgini/Anglican crowd of 50 years ago would have thought of a presiding bishop in Uganda or Nigeria.

    I have huge objections to the schism in the Church, despite my sympathy for the theology of the separatists. No one was forcing us to accept some New York City revisionism about the meaning of the Gospels re marriage and human sexuality. The ringleaders who marched out just got fed up with the folks up north. In a couple of big parishes in Northern Virginia, they compromised themselves horribly by seizing church property on their way out. The congregations were spoon fed a fairly controlled diet of provocative anti-Episcopal cant right up to the congregational votes, and I’m fairly certain most of the folks just followed their parish leaders on this. Had they realized the degree of strife that would inevitably follow the taking of the property, I think a lot of them might have given the matter more serious consideration. It was the sin of pride that led to the split. Having said that, John Guernsey, the rector at All Saints who was ordained in Uganda, is a fine man worthy of widespread respect. I disagree with him on busting up the church (in his case, he and the diocese negotiated a deal on the property), but have the highest regard for him as a spiritual leader, whether it’s as Bishop of a mission church run out of Uganda or as a parish priest in Prince William.

  3. Anonymous Avatar

    I think that evey Hispanic, illegal or not, should go join the volunteer fire department, or rescue squad.

    They should attend their local church, even if it isn’t Catholic.

    They should volunteer at the ESL classes AND at Spanish classes for English students.

    If they contribute more than people think they take, then the angst will subside. you have to pay for what you take.

    Too bad they are working two jobs just to survive, and send a little back home. It might make it a little easier to meet our expectations.


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