What Politicians Don’t Say

Got my 2005 General Assembly Update from my State Senator, Marty Williams (1st SD) It’s a nice, slick glossy fold out with buzz word-length explanations of his big three bills and five areas of focus. It appears Marty wants to take credit for Protecting Your Family, Advocating for the Environment, Helping the Community, Reducing Crime and Improving Public Safety, and Cutting Taxes.

The “Cutting Taxes’ section is written as third person passive voice claiming, “During Senator Williams’ time in office, over one billion dollars in tax cuts have been passed by the General Assembly. Some of the significant tax cuts that affect you every day include: The elimination of the state sales tax on groceries (2005), a reduction of the “Car Tax” (2000), eliminate the “Marriage Penalty” on state taxes (2004).

What did this Republican politician not say? Marty didn’t say he voted for over $1.5b in tax increases in 2004 – the largest tax increase in Virginia history. It doesn’t say he sponsored the bill for the Transportation Referendum (2002 – tax scam) that was defeated over 2:1 in Hampton Roads. Taxes were cut and taxes were raised since Marty was elected in 1995. Sort of like there was a Recession, 9-11 and the Red Sox won the Series during the same time, and VA Sen. Williams was present during, but not a player in those events either. Yet, Republican Williams is responsible for the tax raises that affect ‘you’ every day. But, he doesn’t remind the voters. Odd isn’t it?

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  1. Anonymous Avatar

    Same piece Parrish and Orrock put out.

    Bet it has the same wording on the front too:

    “As a fiscal conservative I’ve always taken the approach that it’s the people’s money we’re spending in Richmond.”

    Same wording for the food tax being “unfair”. Gotta love the genuine, cookie-cutter outrage.

  2. James Atticus Bowden Avatar
    James Atticus Bowden

    That would be a hoot to see if legislators had the same voter propaganda pieces. Or close enough to print as reductions side-by-side in a single sheet. Could they be that arrogant, I wonder if everyone reading sent in theirs snail mail to Jim Bacon or someone else (not a great author like Anonymous)…

  3. Phil Rodokanakis Avatar
    Phil Rodokanakis

    Politicians from both parties in VA have established the trend of saying whatever they want to get elected and voting however they feel like once they are in office. This trend has got to stop, otherwise our democratic system will be in jeopardy. Only by calling their lies for what they are, can we hope to expose them in the process. Unfortunately, a liberal press and a voter constituency that doesn’t pay much attention to what happens in Richmond makes it difficult to have an impact against these political liars.

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