What censorship looks like

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  1. An anagram for Bacon’s Rebellion is “censorial nobble.” Nobble means to lie to or defraud, or in Br. slang, keep a racehorse from winning by drugging it.

  2. Censorship looks like:
    Copy-n-paste spam to drown discourse
    Endless ‘new’ articles on the same subject
    Dishonest exploitation of another’s blog
    The three whole threads that Mr. Day deleted.

    I request Mr. Bacon delete this article and thread. It’s clearly an emotional outburst meant to hurt, has nothing to do with “Virginia politics, public policy and economic development”, and was never intended to be a basis of information or discussion. I’d like to see this issue resolved.

    Anyone else of the same mind can contact Jim Bacon or second my proposal.

  3. I guess if you can’t say something nice about Bush, you are not allowed to say anything at all.

    I had my suspicions about this blog with the downplaying of the VaPAF scandals, but this pretty much confirms my suspicions about this being blog not welcoming anything that seriously challenges the corporate status quo- whether it be on the local or federal level.

  4. What part of “devoted to Virginia politics, public policy and economic development” (top) is hard to grasp?

    If you have comments on the Arts center funds, any appropriate article can be commented on. (I don’t think “Censorship” is the one) Unfortunately, Virginia-focused articles have been swamped by other posts.

  5. Not Larry Sabato Avatar
    Not Larry Sabato

    This is getting out of control, and I’m afriad Mr. Bacon’s attempts to calm it are making it worse

  6. Barnie Day Avatar

    Censorship! What a vile, disgusting thing this is! I can take Subpatre better than I can take censorship! Katrina, and the administration’s role in relation to it is the biggest story on the planet! It is world-wide, it affects every American–and every Virginian. Congressional hearings are cranking up. And we’re to be denied expression of opinion on it? Unconscionable.

  7. Just imagine, the Republican Gubernatorial candidate, Jerry Kilgore and the Independent candidate, Russ Potts – a lifelong Republican, are both blogging with a Blue Dog Democrat. The blue dog has Kilgore’s staff on speed dial.

    Senator Potts told the blue dog with a big smile and hearty handshake, “I’m blogging with you.”

    Potts said, “I’ve read your columns in the past and don’t agree with you on the issues, especially taxes. But that’s what makes America great.”

    How ironic? When the Democratic Gubernatorial candidate Tim Kaine will not even answer a simply request for interviews with a Democratic columnist, who ran for state Senate in 2003 – and I might add, received Kaine’s endorsement for his anti-tax candidacy.

    Is this the same Tim Kaine who ‘may, or may not’ had a brief career with the ACLU. You know, those guys and gals who protect civil liberties, such as free speech and freedom of the press.


    Come on, I’m feeling like a political prisoner.

    Free the blue dog!

  8. Jim Bacon Avatar

    Just to let people know that I’m not hiding anything: I just deleted a comment made by “PM.”

    I welcome PM’s participation in the blog but not on the topic of who’s to blame for the Katrina disaster.

  9. Jim Bacon Avatar

    Barnie, my friend, “censorship” is a meaningful concept only when practiced by the government. Publishers of every newspaper, magazine, broadcaster and newsletter in the country have the right, which they all exercise, to determine what they publish/broadcast and what they don’t. A fundamental right of every publisher is to set the editorial tone of his or her publication. If exercising the publisher’s prerogative regarding the Katrina threads constitutes “censorship,” then every publisher in the country exercises “censorship.”

  10. Jim:
    I agree with your decision to delete my post. I think we all want the right thing done — we just have different approaches. And ardent believers in democracy tend to get riled up. I bet Ben and James and Thomas and those guys 200 odd years ago had some real rants going at times.

  11. Jim Bacon Avatar

    Thanks, PM, I appreciate your understanding.

    … And your quick wit. Bacon’s Rebellion an anagram for “censorial nobble” — that’s good. Very good.

  12. Yea, the censorship is getting out of hand. Let Barnie take over so we can blame Bush for Katrina again!

  13. Barnie Day Avatar

    Jim, my dear, dear, bestest friend, you engage now in prior restraint of opinion in an opinion forum. I know of no publication in America that says, in advance, “these opinions not allowed.” To edit for taste, prevailing community standards, etc. is one thing. This is insidiously different. It is your show, though–and you can impose the tickets on all who enter.

  14. My two cents:

    Jim’s exactly right. Delete whatever you want. Delete the whole thing if you want. It’d be a shame, but it’s in your right. It’s your blog. No one has any ownership rights to anything on here.

    This reminds me of when that bratty kid in 1st grade kept saying, “It’s a free country, man!”

    Now let’s move on…

  15. Not Larry Sabato Avatar
    Not Larry Sabato

    Jim, I am a little queezy watching this. I think you need to reconsider your policy, you are creating more problems than you are solving.

  16. Not Guy Incognito Avatar
    Not Guy Incognito

    (This post has been censored)

  17. Jim Bacon Avatar

    Barnie, You said: “I know of no publication in America that says, in advance, ‘these opinions not allowed.’”

    No, I’m not banning opinions. I’m banning a topic, and the full range of opinions that go with it. I am not singling out one set of views for special treatment.

  18. Free speech today, free speech tomorrow, free speech forever!

  19. Becky Dale Avatar

    Jim is only doing what Barnie himself asked: calling a halt to a discussion that both of them thought was veering offtrack. Jim is not censoring anything, he’s redirecting the conversation to Virginia policy and politics, leaving open a wide range of topics related to disaster response. I’m sure any opinion on Katrina as it is compared to Virginia’s vulnerability, experience, etc. in disasters would be welcome, including commentary on officials. Just relate it to Virginia. This is not censorship. Everyone is free to say anything he likes using his own avenues of publication; Jim is not stopping Barnie or anyone from expressing an opinion. This blog set itself up to discuss Virginia politics and policy and it is only natural for the blog administrator to want to keep the discussion related to Virginia. If someone were to write a post on Israel and the Gaza Strip or Africa’s woes, while the subjects are indeed timely and important, they are off topic for this blog. To limit topics is an editorial prerogative, not censorship.

  20. Anonymous Avatar

    NLS/Ben, funny since you banned many people on your blog for calling you out as being who you are (Ben Tribbett), now you are saying banning comments is bad

  21. theShadow Avatar

    I came in late, so I found it funny that the blog appeared to be a title “What censorship looks like” with no content (until you click on comments of course. 🙂

  22. criticallythinking Avatar

    God, I haven’t been reading local virginia blogs the last week because I’ve been tracking blogs that were more likely to discuss Katrina.

    I have to say I’m surprised at Barnie, I guess this is out of line but if I was invited to participate in an already popular blog I wouldn’t spit in the eye of the guy that gave me a forum to insult the intelligence of the readers.

    I hope that we preserve EVERY comment made about Katrina in this blog for the next two weeks. I think it will be fun to go back and see how many people jumped on misleading or completely false (or just wrong) reports to make political points. Most of you (if you follow the news) already know which of your statements now look stupid or at least ignorant.

    I have a general rule not to comment too absolutely on breaking news stories. It doesn’t take much intelligence to realise that facts are rarely known in the midst of a crisis, and knowing that should make one pause before spouting off based on the latest breaking news in the middle of a disaster recovery.

    Virginia has two shelters ready to go, and so far as I can tell nobody has chosen to come up yet, although that could change as they empty out some of the more local shelters.

    A new poll has Kilgore ahead by 7 points among likely voters, but had Kaine at 44%. My recollection is that Kaine only rarely gets over 40% in poll. Doesn’t look like Potts registered well.

    OK, I hope that is enough virginia-centric information to preserve this post. I will say that I only came back today to join in a discussion of the new poll. Maybe the rest of you will get around to talking about it tomorrow.

  23. I guess some may think I am guilty of cut and paste spam. I haven’t had much direct criticism on that account, but I’ll try to tone it down based on comments received.

  24. Anonymous Avatar

    The kind of tantrum we’re seeing here is one of the reasons why it will be difficult for blogs to exert the kind of influence on the political process that they would like.

    Among all of the bloggers here, with the exception of Steve Haner, who has a news background, none has the kind of publishing experience that Jim Bacon has. Some are political hacks. Some are egotistical wanna-be-somebodies. Some are egotistical used-to-be-somebodies.

    To suggest that one is being censored because one cannot use someone else’s forum for irrelevent, personal ax-grinding is sad. Especially when one is using a solid, professional forum to reproduce (some might add, against the copyright laws of news source websites) existing news reports that any intelligent human being can get from other sources. All I can say is, “Grow up.”

    That’s not censorship. That’s being edited. And the response to being edited shows just the kind of out-of-control ego that contributes to the average voter’s disgust with politics and politicians, even if those politicians come with a “former” before their titles.

    Ultimately, the banner at the top of this blog says it all. “Bacon’s Rebellion.” As in, “Jim Bacon.” It’s his ingenuity, his intelligence, his talent that is driving this blog and his online opinion page. It’s why I read it every day. The other bloggers are invited guests, and there is no inherent right for anyone else to be here.

    I support Jim 100 percent in choosing to edit his publication as his years of publishing experience are brought to bear on this blog and as he sees fit.

    –An Undecided Voter–

  25. bob in winchester Avatar
    bob in winchester

    Fact is that Barnie is right.

    We did at one time have the infrastructure built in to deal with mass calamity. Many of you youngsters might not remember, but we once as a nation, prepared for nuclear war. We had buildings in every town stocked with water, food, and medical supplies. They were called “designated fallout shelters.” We had evacuation plans in place for every possible targeted area. We had portable hospitals ready to go. We had a civil defense structure in place. School children practiced what to do. We had an emergency broadcast network that regularly tested to keep people ready to take direction.

  26. Anonymous Avatar

    ” “censorship” is a meaningful concept only when practiced by the government”
    I could agrue some private institutions such as a private college should be suject to standards of freedom of expression as well, but generally, we have to remember when we’re talking about government and when we’re talking about private enterprise. BOTH are important, but they are meant to serve different roles and do have different standards and expectations.

  27. Anonymous Avatar

    “I think it will be fun to go back and see how many people jumped on misleading or completely false (or just wrong) reports to make political points. Most of you (if you follow the news) already know which of your statements now look stupid or at least ignorant.”

    I’m horrible at keeping up as well. Which reports have been proven to be false?

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