Policy Wonk Alert: The Virginia Energy Plan Is Now Online

Well, here it is, the long-awaited Virginia Energy Plan. There’s so much material that it will take a while for me to absorb. I hope to blog several posts over the next few days. Meanwhile, just to whet your appetite, I’m displaying one of the many interesting graphs in the report. Please note how “transportation” has outpaced all other categories as a driver of energy growth in the state.
Update: I’ve been plowing through the plan. Wowie, zowie! It is such a rich source of data and ideas that I can assure you that any newspaper summary you read will be totally inadequate. It humbles me to say this, but not even Bacon’s Rebellion is prepared to do the plan justice. My complements to the authors. Although I may disagree with some of their priorities and proposals, they are to be commended for the comprehensive scope of coverage and the immense amount of research they conducted.

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2 responses to “Policy Wonk Alert: The Virginia Energy Plan Is Now Online”

  1. E M Risse Avatar

    What do you know!

    This looks like a settlement pattern issue.

    Transport energy consumption is directly realated to settlement pattern.

    But so is Industrial, Residentional and Commerical consumption.

    Coal has to be transported and electricity which is a big part of the equation has line loss that is directly related to scatteration.


  2. Anonymous Avatar

    Are you proposing that we only put the power plants on top of the coal mines and we all live as close tothe power plants as possible, for the sake of efficiency?


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