Weasel Watch: Eric Cantor

weaselby James A. Bacon

Are you kidding me? A couple of days ago I received a four-page mailer from the Cantor for Congress campaign plastered with the headline: “Liberal College Professor David Brat.”

The flier showed a picture of Brat, an economics professor at Randolph Macon University, with a graduation hat superimposed on his head and and appearing next to a photo-shopped image of former Governor Tim Kaine. Brat’s offense? He served on the governor’s Board of Economists and “stood by” while Kaine “proposed over $1 billion in tax increases,” “sat idle” while Kaine advocated raise car taxes, and even “continued to serve Kaine” after Barack Obama appointed him to chair the Democratic National Committee!”

ScanHorrors! Brat must be one of those loonie lefty college professors! Not only is he connected to Tim Kaine, he’s just one step away from Barack Obama!

Actually, Brat is running to the right of Cantor on the grounds that the Henrico congressman and second most powerful Republican in the House of Representatives is squishy and ineffective in his determination to shrink the size of government and reduce deficits. I know Brat and I’ve seen him speak, and there is no way anyone with an ounce of integrity could portray him as anything other than a rock-solid conservative.

What Cantor’s despicable ad omits to mention is that the Joint Advisory Board of Economists is comprised mainly of independent economists unaffiliated with either the governor’s administration or the General Assembly. The non-political board does not advise the governor on policy but on “economic assumptions and technical econometric methodology” that go into state budgetary forecasts. Most people would consider it a good thing for Virginia’s governor, regardless of political party, to receive the best technocratic advice possible when preparing their budgets.

The Annenberg Public Policy Center’s Factcheck.org actually looked into the claims made in the flier and elicited this response from Ray Allen Jr., a political adviser to Cantor:

He told us the ad makes two factual claims, and that ”no one is disputing the actual facts.”

But the facts are juxtaposed in such a way as to invite people to draw a totally inaccurate conclusion. What a weasel! And Cantor is a weasel for allowing such a flier to be published in his name.

I’ve always been sympathetic to Cantor knowing that he is pitted against serial spinners and dissemblers in the Democratic Congress. With this ad, however, Cantor shows that he’s no different than the rest of the prevaricators in the nation’s capital. If you’re not part of the solution, Mr. Cantor, you’re part of the problem. Apologize for this ad and clean up your act… or leave. The American people may not agree about much but we are united on one thing: We want our leaders to tell the truth.

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6 responses to “Weasel Watch: Eric Cantor”

  1. larryg Avatar

    I see you’re improving on your information “vetting” skills!


    and let me make a little side bet with you. How many RED voting folks in Cantors district – WILL BELIEVE Cantors lie – hook, line and sinker without even trying to find out if it is true?

    I bet you that 99.9999% will believe it with you being the .0001% who knows it’s a lie.


    both sides do this – so no claim here that only the GOP does it – but when the top GOP leadership does it – it does say something about his integrity – as you point out.

    weasel is a good word to describe folks who behave like that… D or R or I.

  2. Peter Galuszka Avatar
    Peter Galuszka

    Jim, did you write this?
    Are you afraid to put a byline on it?

  3. cpzilliacus Avatar

    Washington Post: Cantor faces tea party fury in his back yard

    Just a few miles from his family home, House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-Va.) felt the wrath of the tea party Saturday, when activists in his congressional district booed and heckled the second-most powerful House Republican.

    They also elected one of their own to lead Virginia’s 7th Congressional District Republican Committee, turning their back on Cantor’s choice for a post viewed as crucial by both tea party and establishment wings in determining control of the fractured state GOP.

  4. Breckinridge Avatar

    I’ve heard it was actually Sen. Walter Stosch who got Brat put on that advisory board, although in certain circles in the GOP that also raises hackles. If the only attack they have on Brat is he is a college professor and he has been an advisor to a Democrat on an intentionally bipartisan board, that is pretty thin gruel — and you know the opposition research was detailed. Brat otherwise must be as squeaky clean as they come.

  5. Les Schreiber Avatar
    Les Schreiber

    I was quite amused to see in the Washington Post and the Huffington Post that one of America’s worst politicians was subjected to a bit of a hostile questioning at a meeting in Short Pump. This problem with this little twit is that Eric has proven over and over again that is political agenda consists only of those things that will advance his own self important career. As I have pointed out in many previous posts he has no moral compass or core political beliefs. He’s one of the most disgusting around.

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