Wake Up, Everybody!

Josef Mengele, the so-called “angel of death” at Auschwitz, was not a big believer in informed consent for medical experiments. He evaded capture and condemnation by the Nuremburg Doctors’ Trial. More than a dozen other doctors were hanged or given life sentences.

by Walter Smith

The stupor of Covidiocy has infected all levels of society and greatly damaged our social fabric. Out of fear and suppression of common sense and stories contradictory to “the narrative,” Americans are accepting an assault on their liberties, and have been blinded to see it – even pooh-poohing skeptics like me as “anti-science,” “anti-vax,” or “out of bounds” for making comparisons to precedents from the Nuremberg trials. Well, buckle up.

The COVID vaccine mandates are illegal and unconstitutional. That 450 colleges and universities have mandated the vaccination of students shows how little respect our elites – the “experts” who engaged in “gain of function” research, funded it in China when prohibited onshore, and lied about it – have for our liberties.

The Nuremberg Code was established as a result of the Doctors’ Trial after World War II. It set forth the premise for why certain doctors deserved punishment, including execution. I’m sorry if this offends you – while the truth may hurt, it can also set you free. Just read Article 1 on consent for medical experiments. Clear enough?

This thinking explains why the federal statute for “unapproved” drugs has the language about the right to refuse. The COVID vaccines are “experimental” because they have not been fully tested and are available only by “emergency use authorization.” Just to make it easy – this is the location in the statute, as part of the “required conditions” to administer the “unapproved” products – 21 USC 360bbb-3(e)(1)(A)(ii)(III). The statute doesn’t say “and if you exercise your right to refuse, you must then agree to a number of conditions designed to force you to be vaccinated against your will.”

Here is the applicable Virgina statute. To make it easy for you, Subsections B and C list the types of vaccines required, and Subsection D lists the exemption protocols. Do you see COVID vaccine? No, neither do I. Students can refuse these long-established, well-accepted vaccines for any medical reason and for any religious reason (except in the case of religious, an emergency or epidemic may override, but the medical exemption is always available). Again, in either case, the statute does not provide that a student must agree to onerous conditions to exercise this right. If you care to know the truth, examine the UVA COVID exemption and non-COVID exemption forms here – Covid medical, regular medical, Covid religious, religious, hepatitis, meningococcal.

UVA specifically is relying on an opinion from the Attorney General to justify legally the mandate. Again, I hate to be mean, I know I will offend some – General Herring is a prevaricator. His opinion states on page 3 that “there is no federal guidance on the Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) of the Covid-19 vaccine specifically relating to colleges and universities.” No, there is just a federal statute which applies for all EUA products. And, if I, a self-professed non-scholar know about federal pre-emption, one would presume the top lawyer for the Commonwealth of Virginia might. This is maybe 2nd year law!

The COVID vaccine mandate, wherever implemented, is illegal. I didn’t write the federal statute, but it was grounded in historical events for reasons consistent with natural liberty as envisioned by Jefferson in the Declaration of Independence. The Declaration formed the intellectual and moral basis for the Constitution.

Do you know what isn’t in the Constitution? A pandemic exception! This case was for religious services and this case for emergency extra-legal voting changes. Don’t kid yourself – one day these mandates will be before a federal court and they will be duly and properly declared unconstitutional, besides illegal.

How is it that no one at the University of Virginia will acknowledge the illegality, even after having it pointed out numerous times?

How is it that an institution founded by Thomas Jefferson does not see the violations of natural liberties in the mandate? No one in the administration and no one on the Board?

How is it that the Dean of the Law School positively gushes about decades of lawfare to protect “vagrants,” but has no concerns about the infringements, the “social control,” of her own students?

How is it that the UVa administration can draft a COVID religious exemption form that so clearly on its face is unconstitutional and violates the principles of Jefferson’s religious freedom statute?

How is it that the Uva administration can profess the unequivocal endorsement of free expression and free inquiry, while refusing to subject its vaccine mandate to public inspection and debate? Did not Jefferson, in establishing UVA wish for the pursuit of truth wherever it may lead?

How is it that UVa has an administration and a Board that violate the three things Jefferson wished to be remembered for (the Declaration, the religious freedom statute and UVa)?

A Virginia patriot and contemporary of Jefferson issued a warning and call to arms about this type of behavior we would be wise to notice and join.

Do not be deluded. Wake up!