Virginia’s Special Session: Act in Haste, Repent at Leisure

by Kerry Dougherty

Get ready, Virginia. Bad things are brewing in Richmond.

On Friday, Gov. Ralph Northam announced that he was bringing the General Assembly back for a special session on August 18.

Lucky us.

The mischief that the far-left majority — bankrolled by Michael Bloomberg — could get into should alarm every moderate Virginian.

There are only two topics that should be on the table for this extraordinary session:

1) How to plug the massive hole in the budget that occurred when Northam’s shutdowns wrecked the economy and 2) How to rein in a governor who used his emergency powers to take almost total control of the commonwealth in March and who seems determined to govern indefinitely by edict without legislative oversight.

That’s it. Everything else should wait until January for the regular session when the legislators have time to fully debate issues and most importantly, when the public has the opportunity to weigh in. Special sessions should be severely limited in scope and not an opportunity for lawmakers to ram through legislation that wouldn’t pass in less emotional times.

Northam and his pals in the state legislature seem determined to act while anti-law enforcement fever is burning bright. It brings to mind the saying: Act in haste, repent at leisure.

Here’s an alarming report of what Northam is planning from The Richmond Times-Dispatch:

“I look forward to bringing legislators back in session as we continue to navigate these unprecedented times,” Northam said Friday. “We have a unique opportunity to provide critical support to Virginians, invest strategically in our economic recovery, and make progress on policing and criminal justice reform.”

As protests over systemic racism and police brutality continue, Northam said he backs the efforts by House and Senate Democrats to tackle these issues this summer.

The Northam administration said in a statement Friday it expects to champion legislation “aimed at police accountability and oversight, use of force, increased training and education, and officer recruitment, hiring, and decertification.”

Yep, looks like Virginia’s Democrats are allowing the statue-toppling, paint-throwing mobs to dictate the agenda next month.

What Virginia needs right now is a measured plan to cope with the sharp drop in state revenue.

Instead, what Virginians are likely to get will be sloppy laws designed to appease the state’s cop-hating minority.

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22 responses to “Virginia’s Special Session: Act in Haste, Repent at Leisure

  1. Unless there is a change in plans, the Special Session will not be allowed to address “2) How to rein in a governor who used his emergency powers to take almost total control of the commonwealth…” I hear there are many issues swirling the majority would prefer not to see on the table. They get to set the agenda.

  2. I predict some unprecedented craziness at the Capital from the aggressive destructive faction of protestors. That faction will see the chance to outright “win the war” and God help downtown if they don’t get everything they think they want. I also predict legislators who do not beat the right war drums will have visitors at their hotels a la Kim Gray. I also have no doubt those organizers nationally will see the chance to make a statement in VA and we’ll have some out of state visitors…. and maybe some equally destructive visitors from the other side.
    And that Lee statue will come down during the special session one way or another….
    In no way should this be tolerated if it turns to threats, physical harrassment, or burning… but I suspect it will be a stand down for the police and there will be some serious damage.
    I’m glad I don’t have to be downtown and even more glad no one I love is in VA law enforcement or the legislature.
    I again urge some of you to do some Twitter searches for the local self-proclaimed Antifa groups. They are swearing solidarity with their PDX comrades and I think we are soon to become PDX east coast edition…. really fascinating stuff.

    • PDX? Sorry, not sufficiently woke – please translate.

      • James Wyatt Whitehead V

        PDX refers to the protestors who show up every night, night after night, for many weeks now. They are full time protestors. I think Norrshide Dude is saying that what is happening in Portland may be a nightly ritual in Richmond for some time to come.

    • re: “.. In no way should this be tolerated if it turns to threats, physical harrassment, or burning…”

      no argument here, I might actually be stronger on this than you!

      We’ve always had these folks around. For instance in a hurricane or other natural disaster – they often run amok. There’s a point where ideology just becomes an excuse for criminal behavior. Saw it back during the Vietnam War protests…

      However, the big caveat here is that some folks are using the perceived threat of this to justify crackdowns on legitimate protestors and if it is true and protestors feel it – it’s not going to end well nor soon.

      When you do that – you create MORE radicals…

      it becomes more like the Hatfields and McCoys – at some point – it don’t matter the real right or wrong – it’s the war.

  3. PDX= Portland.

  4. Oh and they are posting a new Kim Gray equals Donald Trump mailer going out on Twitter… Again judge for yourself but fascinating!

  5. RPV fails to represent Virginia voters especially on Medicaid Exp. rightfully lose their majority and now incessant sky-is-falling whining…

    Ordinary moderate right GOP can win in Virginia but they insist on running wackadoodles who get booted in favor of the likes of Northam and his merry band.

    Blame Northam and the Dems? Only in you’re living in LA LA LAND.

    This is on the GOP.

    • Ed Gellespie was a whackadoodle? You mean unlike the attorney general who admitted to wearing blackface or the governor who, as an adult, was photographed wearing blackface cavorting with a woman in klan robes and bearing the nickname Coonman on his medical school yearbook page. Or the Lieutenant Governor who has now twice been accused of forcible rape by credible women.

      They aren’t whackadoodles but Ed Gillespie is?

      Talk about living in La La Land.

      • Gillespie probably not but look at the bigger picture since him?

        Corey Stewart, Amanda Chase and others….

        If you want to win Virginia you have to be :

        1. – not far right
        2. – support Medicaid Expansion
        3. – recognize the urbanized area voters in terms of diversity and what they want
        4- stop hanging out with white supremacists.
        5.- learn how to say what you mean without saying “baby killers”.

        This is really easy. What do you have to do as a candidate Dem or GOP to win NoVa , Richmond, Charlottesville, etc?

        If you as a candidate cannot win voters in NoVa, what does that really mean?

        The GOP had control of Virginia for decades and ignored Nova and health care and the Medicaid Expansion was the straw on the camels back.

      • “You mean unlike the attorney general who admitted to wearing blackface ”

        No, like the AG who wanted to cover the chest of Virtus, the god of courage and military prowess, because he stupidly believed that the personage on the flag and seal was a woman with a bare breast. The same idiot who as “acting” director of DHS is continuing to act like an idiot.

  6. Larry is in no way wrong on that one.
    RPV decided years ago the biggest issues were abortion and gay marriage. And the pedulum has swung to a crazy land of potentially unprecedented fiscal armageddon.
    Honestly I hope they pass all the crazy sh!t they can think of in August. I want to see everyone who has a 3 bedroom or bigger house have $800 a month power bills, double property taxes, a new equity duplex built next door, no school until all viruses cease to exist, and no one to call when Jacob gets punched in the eye because he didn’t kneel during the national anthem before his lacrosse game.

    • “Don’t blame them! It was somebody else’s job to stop them!” Sorry, but the Virginia GOP’s fecklessness might be blamed for losing the majority, but not for the nuttiness evident in the new majority. That’s on them. Gaining power they could have gone in more moderate directions. Both parties seem allergic to the center.

  7. Kerry decries the Governor for acting without legislative directive AND
    decries him for calling the Legislature back into session. She objects to his stated aims to

    “provide critical support to Virginians, invest strategically in our economic recovery, and make progress on policing and criminal justice reform.”

    I guess Virginians are in need of no support in these times, nor is there any need for strategic investment. Of course, it goes without saying that the police and criminal justice system in the Commonwealth just cannot be improved upon……

  8. Dear Governor Ron DeSantis,

    Here’s your apology. Sorry you didn’t follow Governor Ralph Northam’s lead.


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