Virginians Hit the Sauce

By Peter Galuszka

Virginians are stocking up on spirits, fearing that the ABC store system might shut down because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Last week saw sales of $30.1 million up from $4.5 million the previous week. While big, the volume has not surpassed the holiday seasons last year.

For days, there have been rumors that ABC stores would shut down.

Not so, says the ABC system. They are changing store hours to open at noon and close at 7 p.m., seven days a week

So far, one store in downtown Richmond has been temporarily shut down because an employee tested positive for the virus.

Governor Ralph Northam, hoping to ease the financial pain of restaurants now closed to dining inside, has urged them to ramp up their takeout and delivery sales by letting them include wine and beer.

There had been talk that cocktails might be included, but the ABC says no.

A local ABC store employee told me that there are big runs on large bottles and there are some shortages but generally, the delivery system seems to be working. ABC also offers online sales.

Among the best- selling brands are Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey and Tito’s vodka.

Bottoms up!

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13 responses to “Virginians Hit the Sauce

  1. The booze doesn’t make them essential businesses. The state and local revenue they produce does. I’ve also heard it mentioned that a shut down would lead to a run on hospitals by people with the DTs…

    But since we’re looking for silver linings, wouldn’t lower alcohol consumption (and zero cigarette sales) be good outcomes? Cancer sticks are now Corona sticks – that’s the ticket to ICU now. Asthma, COPD, lung cancer, hypertension.

  2. johnrandolphofroanoke

    Imagine if the soon to be Virginia XYZ Pot Store was open!

  3. Let’s get to the chase, does drinking alcohol kill the virus?
    Otherwise I am abstaining to hopefully maximize resistance and internal organ strength in case.

  4. I read somewhere that pot consumption is way up, too.

    Hey, a lot of people have a lot of time on their hands, and they’ve watched everything on HBO and Netflix. What else is there to do?

    ….er…uh…. can we anticipate a surge in births nine months from now?

  5. This stuff isn’t cheap… You’d think people would be tightening up on unnecessary expenses…
    But NOOOOO… Eat drink and be merry and beg the government for handouts when you run out of money….
    Discipline and personal responsibility… forget it… people who work and save get to bailout these losers..

  6. johnrandolphofroanoke

    Part of FDR’s relief, recovery, and reform was the repeal of Prohibition. Very popular man indeed! Perhaps Virginia could help the small business owner by transferring alcohol sales from ABC to private hands?

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