Virginia Proves Everyone’s Point

The Virginia gubernatorial race continues to reveberate, used by pundits far and wide to prove or illustrate their points.

The latest is Michael Kinsley, late of “Crossfire,” Slate, the LA Times, and other assorted outlets. Kinsley is great at exposing the absurdity of some political positions, most famously for declaring a “gaffe” to be when a politician “tells the truth.” Today, in his Washington Post column, he takes on the so-called abortion debate in this country, citing the Virginia gubernatorial candidates:

What passes for an abortion debate is a jewel of the political hack’s art: a big issue that is exploited without being discussed. In the Virginia governor’s race this year, both candidates said they were morally opposed to abortion, and both accused the other of falsely accusing him of intending to act on this moral belief, which both of them denied. And both of them, in this last particular, were probably telling the truth.

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  1. NOVA Scout Avatar

    Although I frequently disagree with him, I have to concede that Kinsley is a superb writer and is often insightful. The passage you quote sums it up rather well.

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