Virginia Papers Attack the Youngkin Administration on “News” Pages

by James C. Sherlock

Read Saturday’s VaNews January 29, 2022, from the Virginia Public Access Project.

It will provide you everything you need to assess how The Washington Post, Richmond Times Dispatch and Virginian-Pilot will cover the Youngkin administration. In their news sections.

News headlines include:

Washington Post:

‘So broken down’: Teachers, students and families caught in the middle of Youngkin’s mask order.

“Broken down” teachers, students and families.

Flouting CDC, Youngkin health chief wants to help Virginia move on from covid.

“Flouting” CDC

VMI’s first Black superintendent blasts White critics of diversity and equity reform.

Black superintendent and White critics. In case you might have thought he was just a regular superintendent and the others regular critics.

Richmond Times Dispatch:

‘It’s scaring people to death’: Youngkin’s tip line fuels anger from the left at agenda to reframe race education.

People are scared to death. The left is angry. Presumably because people are scared.


Questions remain over Youngkin’s new tipline for ‘divisive’ practices in Virginia schools.

“Divisive” in quotes. In case readers might take the word literally.

The New York Times and the AP must have been snowed in.

The Wall Street Journal only expresses the views of itself and others who may disagree with the editorial staff on its opinion pages. The Charlottesville Daily Progress showed restraint and put “Tip line divides us” in its editorial space.

Any organization that proclaims itself a news outlet is welcome to its editorial views. Once upon a time, long, long ago they labeled them as opinion.

I offer this as a lesson, if one is needed, that some have woken.