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I just took a stroll around some of our sister and brother Virginia blogs, finding lots of good stuff.

Commonwealth Conservative is impressed with Republican Sean Connaughton, candidate for Lt. Governor … Virginia Progressive has promised to keep an eye on Republican gubernatorial long-shot George Fitch … Sic Semper Tyrannis is all over a charge that Del. James Dillard (R, Fairfax) is laundering funds–for a Democrat! … Northern Crown covers a Prince William County lawsuit over open spaceReporterette is outraged by a comment from Sen. Benjamin Lambert III (D, Richmond):

Whoa! Wait a second! Did Sen. Lambert just say he’d rather have criminals on college campuses than on the streets?!! I don’t think this is what civil rights activists had in mind when they were pushing integration.

And how about the bouquet One Man’s Trash threw to our own Jim Bacon?

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  1. Anonymous Avatar

    Chap Petersen, candidate for the Democratic Lt. Governor’s nomination has made an interesting hire in Opel Simmons. Opel will be serving as Chap’s campaign manager, but his not too distant past still haunts him. One does not need to go very far online to discover his criminal history in politics. A google search reveals his role in the slashing of tires at the local GOP HQ.

    The Kids Aren’t Alright – Operation Elephant TakeoverCharges imminent in election day tire slashingDemocratic Vote Fraud in Milwaukee?5 Democrats face trial for slashing GOP tiresChap seemed like a good candidate until this lapse of hiring judgement was revealed. Who else has Petersen hired? I was going to criticize him on his hypocritical "Tough On Crime" issues page, but it appears as though he has no position on crime. I guess his only position is to hire the criminals.

  2. Nice anonymous attack.

  3. Will Vehrs Avatar

    Reading the links, there seems to be some smoke, but there may not be fire. I don’t know if this rises to the level of “criminal history.”

    To my mind, this is an issue for the primary campaign, should his Democratic opponents want to raise it, or for the GOP candidate to use, should Del. Peterson be the nominee. We’ll hear more if there’s any “there” there.

  4. In September 2004, the DPVA sent an entourage to the “cheese head” state to assist candidate John Kerry. I’m betting the VA GOP operatives are looking for those connections as well.

    Wisconsin and VA Democratic coincident? I smell trouble — big trouble. I have friends in the Red State and have sent off queries about the incidences.

    Tomorrow, the Blue Dog Tales column will read Petersen’s campaign the political riot act, but this latest Blog revelation only adds to this fire.

    Let me share a few observations of oddities with Chap Petersen’s campaign:

    Delegate Petersen has been traveling around the state with an entourage of Republican appointed and elected officials from Fairfax. The GOP support is directly tied into his support for the Car Tax Refund, which NoVa will benefit immensely at 100% — and more Transportation funding for Northern Virginia.

    That doesn’t sound like a statewide candidate who says he wants to represent rural Virginia, and the Shenandoah Valley, don’t you agree?

    Secondly, Petersen’s House of Delegate campaign history is suspect.

    There’s something is not quite right in Fairfax.

    Count ’em … Because there are three individuals claiming to have managed Delegate Chap Petersen’s campaign for the House of Delegates in 2003.

    Sorting out these fellows is like playing the 1960s TV show “To Tell the Truth.”

    Will the real Best Boy for Chap please stand up?

    Oh BOY! Who was … who really is … Chap Petersen campaign manager for the House of Delegates and now, the VA Lt. Governor’s seat?

    Amazing! At this point, it’s weird political science.

    Question: Why is it that whenever you attempt to catch something that’s falling off the table you always manage to knock something else over?

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