I want to be an underclass lover

Lay it down like a big ole’ brother

No mind who gets stuck

With the leftover

I get my F&%#

Without too much workover

Don’t care about the deficit

Don’t give a damn about the debt

’cause when it comes to lov’in

You ain’t seen noth’ yet

Ya know, the over class

They got theirs!

Henry the Eighth

And all them squares

And their deficit

Almost as big as mine

So hang on honey

Here it comes

Just a second now, we’re headin’




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  1. What can I say? I’m rendered speechless.

  2. I do like the way you rhymed “headin'” with “Boomergeddon.”

  3. Proof that Jim Morrison’s death was staged. The Lizard King is alive and well in Chesterfield County.

  4. Groveton,
    Without a doubt, one the highest compliments ever paid to me!
    Thank you!

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