Tornadoes: December Devastation

by Kerry Dougherty

It’s the drone footage that gets you.

Those silent video clips showing mile after mile of unimaginable devastation. Flattened homes and factories, overturned railroad cars and trucks, trees reduced to toothpicks and debris fields full of the colorful remnants of ordinary peoples’ lives.

And wandering through the Armageddon are people, eyes down, slowly searching. Are they looking for loved ones, mementoes or pets? Impossible to know from the drone’s eye view.

What happened across six states Friday night defies description. Powerful storms spun off even more powerful tornadoes. The one that buzz-sawed across Kentucky was on the ground for a terrifying 200 miles, they say. It flattened a candle factory in Mayfield, where 110 people were working the night shift. One survivor sent out a terrifying Facebook live video while she was trapped under the rubble.

Dozens — at least — died in that factory. As of this writing 90 are confirmed dead across the six states.

A December horror.

As many of us spent the weekend preparing for the holidays it was hard not to think about those who had lost everything.

It’s a good time for charitable giving. The Red Cross is on the ground. So is Catholic Relief. Closer to home, CBN’s Operation Blessing, a non-profit based in Virginia Beach, has already sent its disaster response team to the ravaged areas to assess the situation.

At a time like this, you would think politics would be the last thing on anyone’s mind. But you would be wrong. I stayed off social media Saturday after reading a nasty Tweet from someone with 46,000 followers who uses the handle @NellSco. I didn’t make a screenshot and she eventually deleted her sick comments which essentially said, “Sorry Kentucky, but your two senators are responsible for climate change and you deserved everything you got.”

Imagine what sort of hateful, twisted mind went to that dark place while they were still pulling bodies out of collapsed buildings.

As if there were no tornadoes before Rand Paul was elected.

Fools. They’re everywhere.

She wasn’t the only one who pounced on the climate-change-is-to-blame for these extraordinarily strong tornadoes. Many opportunists, including Joe Biden, invoked climate as a possible cause. Anything to push an agenda.

Stop it.

When a disaster of this magnitude is fresh, when people are dead and dying, save your amateur blame games and your shallow knowledge of science for another day.

One when Americans aren’t suffering.

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19 responses to “Tornadoes: December Devastation”

  1. Kathleen Smith Avatar
    Kathleen Smith

    How can anyone make this political? Good read.

    1. Nancy Naive Avatar
      Nancy Naive

      Easy. You start with “At a time like this, you would think politics would be the last thing on anyone’s mind. But you would be wrong.”, and then do it. It’s almost child’s play for a Karen.

  2. Eric the half a troll Avatar
    Eric the half a troll

    Well good thing Kerry didn’t make the story political, eh…??

    1. LarrytheG Avatar

      You bet!

  3. Nancy Naive Avatar
    Nancy Naive

    Merry Christmas, ya filthy animals!

  4. Stephen Haner Avatar
    Stephen Haner

    The monstrous lie that “climate change” either caused this disaster or is going to make such disasters more common is everywhere. Tornadoes occur in all twelve months, and December storms of this magnitude have precedent. As much as the warm gulf air it was the unusually cold air over the middle of the U.S. that spawned this, as it takes the gradient between the two. Yes, those of us 1,000 miles away need to dig down and donate.

    Those pointing to climate change are the direct descendants of the ancient priests telling the terrified population that they must sacrifice (mainly by supporting the priesthood in comfort) to please the gods and keep the weather in line. Soon we’ll be hearing how the Biden Build Back Better Boondoggle will save us all….

    1. I did just recently see an announcement of an upcoming TV special on the possible impact of climate change on extreme weather events. Right now I don’t recall which network it was to be presented on. It may have a lot to do with the numerous and perhaps permanent disruptions of the “jet stream”. There could be some good information presented for those interested and with or without an open mind.

    2. Nancy Naive Avatar
      Nancy Naive

      Energy in better be energy out. Otherwise, life gonna change.

    3. Nancy Naive Avatar
      Nancy Naive

      Do you know the difference between the Apollo 13th capsule and Earth?

    4. Eric the half a troll Avatar
      Eric the half a troll

      Apparently it was Biden’s doing all along…

      1. LarrytheG Avatar

        “smart person’… right? 😉

  5. James Kiser Avatar
    James Kiser

    Joe Bastadari a weatherman posted 4 NOAA graphs that showed Grandpa Gropes and his elfs like Psaki are liars. You can also give through Lutheran Relief and Samaritan’s Purse.

    1. LarrytheG Avatar

      Many, many private sector insurance companies will bail out of areas of high risk and have. “Charity’ is not going to pay for folks houses that get whacked by hurricanes and tornados. Why charity pays for is temporary help – food and shelter but longer term, it’s on you.

      1. Stephen Haner Avatar
        Stephen Haner

        Well, the threat of tornadoes was known to the local Indian tribes and then the Spaniards and French long before TJ bought that land for us. Maybe Nappy considered it a good price after all! The insurance industry has its own ways of protecting itself in those high risk areas and still offering coverage. (Reinsurance, risk pools). Plus the long term trend on twisters has actually been downward. This one will move that needle, at least on the cost amounts, for certain.

        1. LarrytheG Avatar

          Don’t know much about tepees and tornados.. but suspect it’s different from modern built-infrastructure.

          In terms of the insurance industry – the question is – will insurance premiums still offer insurance and at affordable rates?

          As it is with hurricanes and floods, it’s not only the frequencies, it’s the size and scope.

          One hurricane – like Sandy can do far more damage than 10 prior hurricanes.

          Ditto with floods and tornados.

          One flood – a 500 year of 1000 year can do more damaged than 5 100-year floods – in part because the higher floods reach infrastructure that never before was damaged.

          Should ANY of this be anything other than private sector insurance?

          What is it called? A moral hazard?

  6. energyNOW_Fan Avatar

    Re: Amazon/Warehouse/Tornado/Deaths
    Deja Vu all over again for NoVA folks with good memories of the news.

    In 2018, a Baltimore Amazon Warehouse had some wall collapse from bad storm, killing 2. National Weather Service said probable EF-1 tornado in the area as well as strong winds.

    1. Nancy Naive Avatar
      Nancy Naive

      “folks with good memories of the news”??!! Good memories?! Oh wait, I see. But still, three years is a good memory?

    1. LarrytheG Avatar

      Deadlier Tornados, long ago.

      even the lying rag WaPo – published this:

      “Nearly a century before tornadoes tore through parts of the Midwest and Tennessee River Valley on Friday night, the deadliest tornado outbreak in U.S. history ripped across almost the same region, causing unmatched devastation.

      The Tri-State Tornado occurred on March 18, 1925. The tornado was a mile wide at times, and its winds reached 300 mph, putting it at the top of the Fujita scale for tornado intensity. At least 695 people were killed and more than 2,000 were injured by the deadly twister that tracked across Missouri, Illinois and Indiana. Other tornadoes in the outbreak also hit Tennessee and Kentucky.”

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