Today’s Matchup: Clown Versus Clown

By Peter Galuszka

It’s a sign of the times. Today’s Clown versus Clown matchup is Donald Trump, president of the United States, against Alec Baldwin, Saturday Night Live.

The latter has been canvassing in seven electoral districts around the state, including Fairfax and Stafford Counties and in Chesterfield, where Baldwin went door-to-door this week in support of Amanda Pohl, a Democrat running against state Sen. Amanda Chase, R-Chesterfield, another personality with serious Clown firepower.

You’ve got to admit that as painful the Trump presidency has been so far, with its incompetence, inconsistencies, 13,000 lies or errors of fact and flat out corruption, there is a very real comedy to it. It would be truly funny if there weren’t so much at stake.

Saturday Night Live has had a field day since 2016 with Baldwin winning an Emmy portraying the boorish president week after week. The entire cast of the show has had big successes with the theme, such as Kate McKinnon playing  Rudy Guiliani and Melissa McCarthy portraying Sean Spicer.

It’s smart politics on the part of the Democratic Party. Since the 1970s, SNL has stood for the smarter, cynical, rebellious nature of the Baby Boomer set best represented by John Belushi and Dan Akroyd. Later generations have embraced the shtick while pushing for equality, diversity and women’s and gay rights.

Asked by reporters why he was in Chesterfield, Baldwin responded that not only did he want Democrats to take the General Assembly, as they stand a good chance of doing, but it could lead to the ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment if a new, Democrat-controlled General Assembly approves.

The ERA is a major sticking point as Virginia Republicans strive to keep their conservative policies while trying to avoid being seen as too close to Trump who seems on the short road to impeachment.

Amanda Chase, for instance, turned to guerrilla theater earlier this year when the GOP once again blocked the ERA. Chase walked up to a legislative podium wearing a holster with a revolver, which she called “my little Equal Rights Amendment.”

To be sure, Baldwin is no angel. He’s noted for getting into fights with people on airplanes and in parking lots. He’s gotten into snits with SNL producers. But that’s small beer compared to the constant violation of emolument policies and other questionable acts by Trump, such as having American military personnel stay at one of his resorts in Scotland during long deployment flights to the Persian Gulf. I won’t get into other examples because they are all too numerous and familiar, such as paying hush money to porn star Stormy Daniel.

What Baldwin’s presence demonstrates is just how much Virginia has changed over the years as new blood moves in and younger generations grow up. It is time to say goodbye to the idea that Virginians are really just too genteel to think for themselves and let themselves be governed by a cosseted group of right-wing white males.

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6 responses to “Today’s Matchup: Clown Versus Clown”

  1. Chase said, “My little Equal Rights Amendment”?

    Good for her. That’s actually pretty funny. I guess you have to be a conservative to see the humor.

  2. TooManyTaxes Avatar

    As I’ve said, the bottom four are Richard Nixon, Bill Clinton, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. (Of course, Ralph Northam can only hope to see four dots above him.)

    But why would anyone want the advice of an entertainer on political issues? Alec Baldwin can be funny and has also done well with dramatic roles but I suspect he knows absolutely nothing about the LCI formula or VDOT’s Smart Scale funding.

  3. idiocracy Avatar

    ” I suspect he knows absolutely nothing about the LCI formula or VDOT’s Smart Scale funding”

    Neither does the average Virginia voter.

    1. TooManyTaxes Avatar

      And the dumbest voters are in NoVA. They regularly support candidates and policies that send more of their tax dollars to Richmond, never to return.

  4. Rowinguy Avatar

    I beg to differ: Spicy was played to a delicious T by Melissa McCarthy:

  5. Peter Galuszka Avatar
    Peter Galuszka

    Rowing guy.
    My bad. Fixed it

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