Til Hazel and the Kind of Governor We Need (Updated)

Here’s the complete Til Hazel passage from the Washington Post story on Tim Kaine’s transportation plan that Barnie posted on below:

John T. “Til” Hazel, a developer and frequent critic of both Kaine and Kilgore, said Kaine’s pledge to veto new transportation taxes is “political baloney.”

“That is such a nothing plan, it’s hard for me to even think or comment,” said Hazel, who is supporting Potts. “That’s as bad as Kilgore saying we are going to have a bunch of regional authorities. What . . . do you need a governor for if you are going to do that?”

Hazel’s comment leads me to ask what kind of governor he thinks Virginia needs.

Here’s how the Post summarizes the plan of his candidate:

Sen. H. Russell Potts (R-Winchester), who is running for governor as an independent, has said he will create a commission to develop solutions and call a special session to implement them.

There’s bold leadership from a governor! A “commission,” packed with Hazel-approved wise men and women, creating a plan not debated during the gubernatorial campaign. It could work! No bunch of pesky regional authorities to mollify, no doubting metropolitan planning organizations that might not buy into the plan handed down from the central “commission.”

Apparently, Til knows best, and it’s time we got a powerful governor who recognizes that.

Updaate: Norm Leahy offers this post with quotes from Til Hazel after the defeat of transportation referenda in 2002. If you can’t trust the people to do the right thing, entrust a commission.

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  1. I tend to agree with Til (and his more roads prescription for transportation ills). That being said, I’m also a bit uncomfortable with the undemocratic method of achieving this solution.

  2. Sorry to jump in off topic, but where is the discussion of the Kilo v New London court case? It seems like this is a great step towards “balanced communities”. The Government can now seize property any time it likes and mandate new zoning or development.

    We’re on our way to Utopia!

  3. City Slicker Avatar
    City Slicker

    Looks to me like Will Vhers asked for input from the “balanced community” advocates (he called them “human settle pattern”) and E. M. Risse replied, saying it was no big deal. There’s your discussion.

  4. Not Mark Rozell Avatar
    Not Mark Rozell

    Will, is that wise men or wise guys?

  5. My bad! I missed that thread.

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