Regardless of the “party” or candidate they would like to see win in November, fellow bloggers and all citizens should take a close look at George Fitch.

Bloggers who seem to support Mr. Kilgore’s party say he has put nothing but Business-as-Usual on the table. At the very least a strong Fitch showing will push Kilgore out of the least-common-denominator stance and cause him to show why someone should vote for him beside the fact that he is not Kaine.

For those who believe that Kaine is better than Kilgore and so they are tempted to sit out the primary (not just voting but suggesting others look at Fitch, etc.) may end up with Kilgore anyway. This is because, according to those who might support a member of Mr. Kaine’s party, he has offered nothing that will differentiate him from tweedle-dee, tweedle-dum my party/your party candidates of the past.

In a head to head contests between my party/your party candidates Republicans have won because they have come up with better slogans.

A strong showing by Fitch even without a Kaine vs. Fitch general election contest would force Kaine to show his colors.


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  1. Barnie Day Avatar

    Fitch will get a look–lots of them–and rightly so, if for no other reason his novelty. Obviously, he is not your average cardboard-cutout candidate. He may catch on. Voters are a fickle lot. Over and over again we publicly rebuke ‘business as usual’in our government, in our leaders, but turn around and vote for it every chance we get. But here’s the thing: If you knew, if you knew with certainty, what was going to happen on election day, we would’t have to hold it!

  2. Jim Bacon Avatar

    Even if Fitch fails to win the nomination, he will put issues on the table that no one else in the history of Virginia has talked about. He will inject those issues into the public discourse in a way that mere bloggers and Internet pundits could not hope to do. The more I think about it, the more I’m talking myself into supporting him.

    It sounds like we have three Bacon’s Rebellion pundits, maybe more, willing to go to bat for the guy.

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