Thinking the Unthinkable in Hampton Roads

In another major indication of new thinking about transportation, we now hear that Sen. Marty Williams, R-Newport News, is no longer so steadfast in his support for a proposed Third Crossing that would link Norfolk with Newport News. Reports the Daily Press:

The proposed third crossing is so large and expensive that it is hamstringing all other efforts to fix the region’s overworked transportation network and is unlikely to ever be built, the chairman of the Senate Transportation Committee said Tuesday.

“If you’ve got an 800-pound gorilla, you’re hesitant to tackle it and everything else goes wanting,” [Williams] said during a legislative strategy session with the Hampton City Council. “In reality, we need to get the third crossing off the table. … It’s probably going to fall off the table under its own weight.”

Williams did not completely write off the project, but his bleak outlook is another swing in the momentum turning against the long-discussed transportation project.

The Third Crossing is the most expensive component of the $4.5 billion package of transportation improvements sought by Hampton Roads legislators. Virginia Port Authority officials regard it as critical to maintaining the competitiveness of Virginia ports. The crossing also would expedite the evacuation of south Hampton Roads residents during a major hurricane.

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One response to “Thinking the Unthinkable in Hampton Roads”

  1. James Atticus Bowden Avatar
    James Atticus Bowden

    Expedite South Hampton Roads residents? One way they would go up from the Hampton Roads Bridge tunnel and be dumped on the same road (I64) about 9 miles up. Or they would go to the south and get dumped on the same roads everyone else was using to go due west (58).

    If the cost suddenly ballooned out of sight, then it would have done so during construction.

    There are two separate needs.

    1. Rail and trucks from the port at Norfolk.

    2. Cars and trucks crossing the Hampton Roads Bridge Tunnel.

    Either the project is too expensive ever do it or it’s time to change the project and the funding.

    One of the fellows, forgot his name, working for the RINO senators stated on this blog that the bogie, if I remember correctly, for the financing is $350m a year.

    That is achievable. Sell the Bay Bridge and pick up a couple of billion to start…

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