The Thinking Man’s Insurrection

No need for riots in the steet or hurling molotov cocktails. The thinking man’s insurrection has arrived. Just sink into that ergonomically incorrect chair in front of your PC and peruse the Jan. 30, 2006, edition of Bacon’s Rebellion. Articles include:

The Waste in Maintenance
If the General Assembly doesn’t tackle the $200 million-a-year waste in road maintenance, lawmakers can’t even pretend to be serious about curtailing state spending.
by James A. Bacon

Transportation Hold ’em
Most of the cards on the General Assembly’s transportation table are lying face up. But it’s still too early to know who’s got the winning hand.
by Doug Koelemay

Kaine’s Plan Doesn’t Cut It
Tim Kaine’s transportation plan will cost more money – and it won’t work.
by Patrick McSweeney

Rethinking Education Policy
The problem with Virginia schools isn’t a lack of money — it’s the rigid, bureaucratic policies that dictate how the money is being spent.
by Patrick McSweeney

The Big, Bad Warner
Mark Warner is touring the country telling fables about his fiscal conservatism, i.e. ramming through a tax hike in a red state. Why, Governor, what big lies you have.
by Steven Sisson

Not Again (Sigh)
Once again, the General Assembly is talking about taxes for transportation. You’d never know that a global revolution in highway privatization and financing has taken place.
by Geoffrey Segal

How to Fund Transportation without Really Trying
These six strategies will stretch Virginia transportation dollars by billions of dollars — and put off the need for tax increases for years.
by Michael Thompson

Tax Fever
Just like the flu, a tax-increase fever is afflicting our legislators in Richmond. Unlike the flu, there is no vaccine to protect Virginia families from this malady.
by Philip Rodokanakis

Nice & Curious Questions:
The Petersburg Pluton and Volcanoes in Virginia
by Edwin S. Clay III and Patricia Bangs

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4 responses to “The Thinking Man’s Insurrection”

  1. Lucy Jones Avatar
    Lucy Jones

    The Waste in Maintenance

    Mr. Bacon,

    Wow! Thanks for the article. I think I finally understand what everyone is talking about with outsourcing transportation.

  2. Lucy Jones Avatar
    Lucy Jones

    The Big, Bad Warner

    Mr. Sission,

    Thank you! AMEN!!!

  3. Jim Bacon Avatar

    Lucy, Believe it or not, VDOT is farther along than most state government agencies in seeing the value of outsourcing and learning how to do it well.

  4. Lucy Jones Avatar
    Lucy Jones

    You’d never know it from the PR it gets both from the regular media and the Governor’s office. Somehow they always get displayed as a bunch of know-nothings but that’s sometimes normal for government agencies. I’m glad to know they’re doing something right. Maybe the best answer is that they need to be allowed to do more of the right stuff (outsourcing).

    I know absolutely nothing about transportation planning and how it works. I just know that it takes a tremendous amount of careful planning and money to make it right. I hope they can figure out a way to take the ideas you mentioned and fly with them. I’m not looking forward to paying more taxes at all!

    I knew somebody had a plan I could half-way understand!

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