The Wonk Salon, September 14, 2011

Dental School for SW Virginia? Maybe Not Such a Great IdeaWeldon Cooper Center for Public Service

No question: Southwest Virginia would benefit from having a dental school. But there are three big challenges: finding the money to build the school, recruiting faculty, and enrolling college grads with the necessary skills and ability to pay the tuition.

Pittsburgh Promise Fulfills Its Promise
Rand Corporation
Pittsburgh Promise offers $40,000 scholarships to public school kids who excel academically with the goal of fostering high school completion and college readiness. The program works.

Expanding Access to Health Insurance Will Drive Up Hospital Utilization
American Enterprise Institute
Obamacare advocates say their health reform will drive down costs by expanding access to primary care. Foes say it will mean more hospitalization and higher costs. It ain’t even close. Buckle your seat belts and brace yourself for higher costs.

Single Parenthood, Risky Behavior, Dropping Out and the Perpetuation of Poverty
Urban Institute
It’s the indirect influence of single parenthood that perpetuates poverty. Children of single mothers are more likely to engage in risky behavior like sexual activity, drug abuse and crime, and are more likely to drop out of school. Those behaviors turn poor children into poor adults.

Preventing Sexual Assault in Prison
Urban Institute
One out of 33 inmates in local jails reports being sexually assaulted in the past 12 months. Some practices that can reduce the problem: Put cameras in cells, provide training to correctional officers, and encourage officers to wander around and interact with inmates.

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  1. Brace youself for higher hospital costs, but don’t forget to subtract out the benefits.

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