The Wonk Salon, October 27, 2011

The Unintended Consequences of Indiscriminate Spending on Higher EdCato Institute

America opens up its purse strings for higher ed and what does it get? Runaway tuition inflation, sky-high non-completion rates and needless credential inflation.

School Choice Improves Outcomes in Charlotte, NC
National Bureau of Economic Research
Inner-city kids in Charlotte-Mecklenburg picked by lottery to attend better schools are more likely to graduate from high school, attend a four-year college and earn a bachelor’s degree.

Too Cozy: Trial Lawyers and State Attorneys General
Manhattan Institute
Plaintiffs’ attorneys donate campaign contributions to attorneys general; attorneys general help plaintiffs’ attorneys drum up more lawsuits. It’s a relationship as symbiotic as sharks and remoras.

Native Indians Need to Strengthen Response to Rape, Domestic Violence
Government Accountability Office
Native-American women are twice as likely to be raped or sexually assaulted as women of other races. More tribally administered hospitals need to develop a capacity to collect and preserve forensic evidence.

Investing in Public Health Provides Favorable ROI
Robert Wood Johnson Foundation
Investing $1 in proven, community-based public health programs can save the United States $5.60 in lower health care costs.

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