The Wonk Salon, October 25, 2011

States Must Do More to Improve the Quality of TeachersCenter for American Progress

Principals account for a quarter of a school’s total impact on student learning. States can do a better job of ensuring the quality of their schools’ principals.

No Price Transparency in Health Care
Government Accountability Office
Try asking your doctor for the price of a diabetes screening. The answer will be, “It depends”…. assuming he can legally provide that information at all. Without price transparency,  the market for medical services cannot function properly.

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One response to “The Wonk Salon, October 25, 2011”

  1. how would you fix the lack of price transparency without govt regulation?

    but that would mean having the govt get involved in health care and we know what party that says out of one side of it’s mouth that we need a transparent market – but out of the other side of their mouth – that’s it’s not the govt job to do it.

    One of the best health care systems in the world is in Singapore where:

    1. – payroll taxes are mandatory
    2. – plan participation is mandatory
    3. – each person get’s a personal savings account
    4. – the govt requires all services costs to be posted
    5. – the govt caps services
    6. – you can only spend for govt-approved services from your savings account
    7. – if you run out of money, the govt takes over the costs.

    we know this about the Singapore system also:

    1. – in the top 5 in the world for life expectancy

    2. – in the top 5 in the world for less infant deaths.

    we don’t need to copy their system point for point but it’s got some seriously good aspects to it – not in spite of – but because of govt.

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