The Wonk Salon, November 4, 2011

The Local Influence on Prison Population SizeUrban Institute

Local governments have three main policy levers for affecting the number of inmates in their jails and prisons: sentencing, inmate transfer and release, and supervision violation response.

Who Uses Tax Incentives for Economic Development?
National Bureau of Economic Research
Who uses taxes incentives? Losers, that’s who. Well, maybe that’s a little harsh. To be more exact: Municipalities with low incomes, high levels of political corruption and locations close to state borders.

The Return of Concentrated Poverty
Brookings Institution
Not only is there more poverty in the land compared to 2000, but it’s getting more concentrated. A rare and welcome exception to that trend: Poverty got less concentrated in Hampton Roads.

Higher Ed Disclosure Laws? Mwa ha ha! What Higher Ed Disclosure Laws?
Education Sector
Most colleges are not complying with a 2008 federal law that mandated more transparency, including the reporting of measures that track graduation rates for low-income students.

Signals and Sensors Improve Bus Performance
Center for Transportation Studies
An experiment in Minnesota shows that a system using wireless technology and a new algorithm improves bus travel times.

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