The Wonk Salon, August 26, 2011

How California Is Losing Its Edge in Film ProductionMilken Institute

California is losing film production to other states, along with thousands of jobs? The solution? Tax breaks, lots of tax breaks.

Experienced Principals Flee Low-Achievement Schools
National Bureau of Economic Research
Turnover of principals is higher in schools with low achieving students. Then the inability to retain experienced principals… contributes to low achievement in schools.

The Unpersuasive Case against Voter ID Laws
Heritage Institute
Less than 1/10 of one percent of Americans are unable to vote due to the lack of an ID. How does that stack up against the percentage that vote illegally?

The Subtle Discrimination against Gays in Financial Aid Applications
Center for American Progress
Financial aid applications can be biased if applicants can’t include gay spouses, children or dependents as part of their application. And don’t get me started about homeless gays!

The Case for Charter Colleges in Early Childhood Education
Brookings Institution
Improve early childhood educating by improving the quality of early childhood educators. Improve educators by creating charter colleges dedicated to excellence in early childhood ed.

Evaluating Safe Start for Kids
Rand Corporation
Sixty-one percent of American children were exposed to violence in the past  year, says Rand Corporation. Really? What kind of violence? Cartoons? Fox News? MSNBC?

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